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Here’s When to Hire a Syracuse Recruiting Agency

Right now, hiring managers are practically burdened with choice when it comes to finding candidates for open positions. Along with internal job boards, there are national job listings, social media options, referral systems, and too many others to list.

With so many choices, a hiring manager may wonder if hiring a Syracuse recruiting agency is ever necessary. If that sounds like you, here a few examples of the ideal time to work with a staffing firm.

Qualified Candidates Are Scarce

Right now, certain skill sets are particularly hard to find, especially in STEM fields. Plus, the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better, as there simply aren’t enough people entering these specialties to meet demand.

When qualified candidates are scarce, having a skilled recruiting agency as a partner can give you the edge you need. Recruitment professionals are highly experienced in their field, often being fully aware of current trends and how to use various tools, the data analytics and AI, to find top talent. So, when competition is fierce, working with a recruiting agency can be the ideal approach.

When You Need a Top Performer Fast

At times, companies have the luxury of hiring someone with the potential to become a top performer, even if they aren’t one today. But, if you need someone who can hit the ground running, you need to find the ideal candidate for the role as quickly as possible.

By partnering with a staffing firm, you can accelerate the recruitment and screening parts of the process. Plus, these professionals will focus on your priorities, ensuring that any referrals truly meet your needs before being presented. This provides you with the ability to find a best-fit worker for the job, allowing the new hire to reach a point of productivity faster than may have otherwise been possible.

When You Don’t Have Time

Many hiring managers are tasked with a range of duties well beyond hiring new workers. While this may not usually be a problem, it does mean that your hiring process may be slower, and that isn’t always ideal. If you need to hire quickly, but don’t have the time to dedicate to the tasks to ensure that happens, partnering with a recruiting agency is an excellent choice.

When you work with a staffing firm, they’ll take care of the majority of the hiring process, such as recruiting and applicant screening, giving you more time to address your other duties. Then, once a top talent is found, the recruiter contacts you to arrange any next steps.

Ultimately, this approach expedites the entire hiring process while simultaneously removing a substantial burden from your shoulders. And, if you need to find great candidates quickly, this can be ideal.

If you are interested in working with a skilled Syracuse recruiting agency, the experienced professionals at CPS Recruitment have the expertise you seek. Contact us to learn more about our services today and see how working with us can benefit you.

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