Your Great Employee Just Gave Notice – Now what?


As a manager or small business owner you may have built up a team of high quality employees within your company. However, what happens when one of these great employees provides their notice to leave the company?

Here are some things you may need to consider to ensure you will be ready to handle this situation if it happens to you.

  • Happy employees may still need to leave. You don’t want your star employees to leave your company, but due to a number of circumstances even the most contented employee may choose to go. What if a spouse gets a job in a new city or the employee decides to leave work to start a family? These may not be negative reasons but as the manager you need to spring in to action quickly to replace the role to ensure you don’t have a lag in production or services. Regardless of your loyalty to your employees you should always be prepared.
  • 75% of all employees say they would leave their current position. Dissatisfaction is far too common in the workplace. What if you lose a great employee due to circumstances you might have been able to control? Do an honest assessment and see if you can take measures to prevent a good employee from wanting to leave your company. Evaluate your salary structure, benefits, and employee work/life balance.
  • Are your job descriptions or policies and procedures up to date? In the event that someone does leave your company you may not be prepared at the cellular level. You need to consistently update the official job descriptions for each of your employees. Any time they take on a new function, add that to their employment record. The same is true for policies and procedures. If all of the knowledge about the role is contained in the head of your employee, you may have a hard time recruiting and training a new person.
  • Do you have a pipeline? How do you find someone to replace your trusted employee? Regardless of your hiring status, you should always be making connections within the industry and the community. Go back to this network first when you need to find a new candidate for your company.
  • Have you developed a relationship with a recruiter or a staffing firm? Another often overlooked resource is your local staffing company. A recruiter can allow you to focus on your business while they find you the best replacement. Recruiters have a much deeper candidate pool than you may have access to, and they can focus on sourcing, pre-screening, and presenting only the most qualified candidates for your review.

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