From a Receptionist’s Point of View…

Everyone knows the old cliché: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  This holds true for me every day as the receptionist for the Light Industrial “Manufacturing Operations” division of Contemporary Personnel Staffing, and has for the entire 7 years I’ve been with the company.

When people hear “receptionist” they think all this entails is answering phones, taking a few messages, and greeting folks who walk into our office…. and that’s it! 

Boy! Little do they know the things I see and hear, and what my job really entails.

What does a receptionist at a staffing agency really do?  I am the first person you see and speak with upon entering the facility.  I note your personality attributes and appearance.  I consider how well-organized and prepared you are, and most importantly, I develop the first impression of your attitude.  I work very closely with the recruiters and give them feedback on how well you handled yourself when initially coming in for your interview.  Thus, you should consider me the first part of your interview.

I am also here to assist you.  I will gladly help you prepare for your interview from the moment you call to inquire about a position.  I’ll even help with directions to our office so you are on time.  Before you come in for your interview, I will remind you to bring an extra copy of your resume and to bring your ID’s – both of which are necessary to complete the required documentation.  If your application is not complete, you may miss out on an opportunity, as there are times we select and place candidates very quickly!

Also, remember to put your cell phone on vibrate or turn it off.  If you must answer a call please excuse yourself and step out of the office. It’s very distracting to other candidates and to me as I take incoming calls.  This simple action is indicative of your commitment to focus on the task at hand and believe me–it is one of the first things we look for.

As receptionist, I am here to remind you of all of these things to make your experience a good one. I assist our recruiters in several ways, however, our entire team’s goal is to secure the position that is right for you and get a great fit for our customers.  So remember, the next time you are talking to a receptionist, keep in mind that she just may be the advocate you never knew you had!

I hope my first “impression” in the blogging world was a good one; I wouldn’t want to fit my own cliché!

To learn more about what Gloria ‘sees’ and ‘hears’ at the front desk, give her a call at 315.458.2100.

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