Don’t Waste Your Summer Job Money

Summer is the time of year when many people head out on vacation or otherwise treat themselves. While spending a little to help support your well-being isn’t inherently a bad idea; wasting your summer job money on frivolous things might be a decision you later regret. This is especially true if you don’t typically work… Read more »

Is It Too Late to Get Your Old Job Back?

Whenever you leave a job, you typically hope the new opportunity is going to move your career in the right direction. While this is usually the case, sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. Maybe the environment isn’t the right fit, or you don’t enjoy the duties. No matter the reason, you suddenly find yourself… Read more »

5 Perfect Jobs for CNY New Grads

If you are one of the recent CNY new grads, congratulations! Graduating is always exciting, especially since it means you can now start in your chosen field. There are numerous job opportunities for new grads in the CNY area. If you just received your degree or diploma, here are a few options worth exploring. 1…. Read more »

Did You Ask These Questions in Your Last Interview?

At the end of most interviews, candidates are given an opportunity to ask the hiring manager a few questions. Having something prepared is absolutely essential, particularly if you want to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. However, asking the right questions won’t just make a positive impression; it can also help you discover valuable information… Read more »

Are You Receiving the Right Benefits at Work?

When your job comes with a great benefits package, you get extra peace of mind. You end up with protection from the unexpected, options that can help you plan for the future, and even the ability to take time off without having to sacrifice your paycheck. Not every company offers a comprehensive benefits package, which… Read more »

Are You Searching for a Job the Wrong Way?

When you are searching for a job, it is easy to become frustrated if things are not going your way. After you send in dozens of resumes, not getting any interview requests or failing to secure an offer can be very disheartening, leaving you to wonder what you may be doing wrong. While there can… Read more »

Why Are People Leaving Their CNY Jobs?

If it seems like a lot of people are leaving their CNY jobs and pursuing other opportunities, you might be right. Today, it’s a job seekers market, so many professionals are feeling particularly empowered when it comes to taking steps to advance their careers. But, even if this is an emerging trend, the reasons people… Read more »

Join Us for the 8th Annual Second Chance Clothing Drive

CPS Recruitment® is proud to be partnering with the Women’s Opportunity Center (WOC) in Syracuse to hold our 8th Annual Second Chance Clothing Drive. The Second Chance Clothing Drive is a program where professional women’s clothing is collected and then recycled at no charge to women re-entering the workforce. The WOC is seeking your donation… Read more »

Yes, We Can Really Put You to Work!

When you consider working with a recruitment agency, it is common to wonder, “Can they really help me find a job?” After all, a lot of staffing firms say that they can make landing work easy, but that doesn’t mean they all deliver. At CPS Recruitment, we understand your concerns and are here to address… Read more »

Read Beyond the Job Description to See If You’re Qualified

You found it; the perfect job. The only problem is, you do not meet the job description requirements 100 percent. Does that mean you shouldn’t apply? The answer is, it depends. When you are not a perfect match for an open position’s job description, it is easy to become disheartened. But, that does not mean… Read more »