It’s Time to Gain Some Direction in Your Career Path

When some professionals start looking for a new job, they know exactly what they are hoping to find. They can clearly envision what kind of role feels like a good match or the right step forward, allowing them to move confidently in that direction. However, it isn’t uncommon to be a bit uncertain about your… Read more »

Don’t Be Scared to Disclose This to Employers

Today, there are a surprising number of professionals who have been diagnosed with “invisible” disabilities. This can include any qualifying condition that can’t be ascertained merely by observing a person, including mental health conditions, autoimmune disorders, issues with chronic pain, and more. Often, those with a visible disability have an easier time disclosing it to… Read more »

Is Your Tech Career Broken? Try This!

If you aren’t satisfied in your position, it is possible your tech career is broken. While it isn’t uncommon for professionals to become disenchanted at some point on their path, that doesn’t mean you have to continue being unhappy. While it may be hard to hear, it is possible the narrative you have in your… Read more »

STOP! Do This Before You Apply

When you are searching for a new job to apply to, attention to detail is critical. Sending off a resume with a misspelled word or overlooking a crucial part of the job description that needs to be addressed in your application can significantly harm your chances of landing an interview. While you may be tempted… Read more »

What’s Your Preferred Management Style?

Understanding how you like to be managed is beneficial. It allows you to consider whether a position’s manager can meet your needs, making it more likely you’ll accept the right job offer when the time comes. Additionally, knowing what your preferred management style is ensures you are prepared to answer questions a hiring manager may… Read more »

You’re Going to Be Assessed for These 3 Things!

When you step into an interview, the hiring manager is focused on determining whether you are a great fit for the job. While the exact questions can vary from one interview to the next, most hiring managers are hoping to figure out certain key things about who you are and what you have to offer…. Read more »

Do Engineers Need to Work With Recruiters?

Whether you are a recent graduate, looking to rejoin the workforce, or hoping to leave your current position, conducting a job search can be a daunting task for engineers. Spending time shifting through job boards is arduous, and you’ll often find more positions that aren’t a great fit than ones that meet your needs and… Read more »

Don’t Waste Your Summer Job Money

Summer is the time of year when many people head out on vacation or otherwise treat themselves. While spending a little to help support your well-being isn’t inherently a bad idea; wasting your summer job money on frivolous things might be a decision you later regret. This is especially true if you don’t typically work… Read more »

Is It Too Late to Get Your Old Job Back?

Whenever you leave a job, you typically hope the new opportunity is going to move your career in the right direction. While this is usually the case, sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. Maybe the environment isn’t the right fit, or you don’t enjoy the duties. No matter the reason, you suddenly find yourself… Read more »

5 Perfect Jobs for CNY New Grads

If you are one of the recent CNY new grads, congratulations! Graduating is always exciting, especially since it means you can now start in your chosen field. There are numerous job opportunities for new grads in the CNY area. If you just received your degree or diploma, here are a few options worth exploring. 1…. Read more »