Why Now Is the Perfect Time for a Temporary Job

If you are one of the millions of Americans who recently lost their job due to the pandemic, you’re likely thinking about the future. You may be worried that your career will fall off track or that you’ll get stuck saying “yes” to a position you don’t actually want, all because you need to secure… Read more »

Staying Productive While Working From Home

Many professionals find they can be at least as productive – if not more so – working from home as they were in the office. However, that doesn’t mean distractions, complacency, and even burnout can’t become issues. Additionally, being successful while working from home does mean developing a unique skill set that allows you to… Read more »

Do You Have One of These In-Demand Skill Sets?

After COVID-19 fundamentally altered workplaces throughout the country, many organizations began to reflect on their priorities. The pandemic made it clear that certain skills were particularly vital. Employees who possessed the right skill sets adapted quickly to necessary changes and returned to full productivity faster than their counterparts. As a result, hiring managers are now… Read more »

Going Back to Your Workplace? Read This First

Reopening efforts are moving forward in many states. As a result, an increasing number of professionals are making their way back to their workplaces. While some may find going back to the office reassuring, others may have concerns. COVID-19 isn’t expected to disappear completely, and some experts believe a second wave is likely on the… Read more »

Tips for Networking During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the lives of nearly everyone. Millions of Americans found themselves suddenly limited as shelter-in-place made staying home practically mandatory. As a result, certain traditional networking options simply weren’t there, as getting together in large groups wasn’t permitted. Even today, as an increasing number of states strive to… Read more »

Not Sure What Your Next Job Should Be? Maybe It’s Time for Some Self Reflection

For many people, their careers aren’t entirely linear. There might not be a clear path between where they are now and where they want to be tomorrow. This is especially true for anyone contemplating a career change. Moving into unfamiliar territory or choosing a completely new direction makes planning your next job challenging. Luckily, self-reflection… Read more »

Was Your Last Job THAT Bad? Here’s How to Use It to Help Your Next One!

At some point, most professionals end up working in a job they don’t enjoy. In some cases, the role ends up being downright miserable, leaving them frustrated and dreading the start of every workday. While it may seem like a horrible job isn’t anything more than drudgery, that isn’t the case. It can actually help… Read more »

Summer Is Coming! Here’s How to Start Getting Active at Work

Staying active at work isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if your work has been changed to remote or work-from-home in the wake of COVID-19. Unless your job is physical by design, you might spend the vast majority of your time sitting or standing in one place. Essentially, your work life is incredibly… Read more »

5 Tips for Job Seekers With No Resume

Not having a resume can make it harder to find a position. Many employers require one if you want to apply, leaving those without any professional experience or who haven’t crafted this critical document at a disadvantage. Luckily, that doesn’t mean your job search has to come to an end. Even if you don’t have… Read more »

Job Seekers: Are You Doing This Important Task on LinkedIn?

Most professionals create a LinkedIn profile in hopes that it’ll help their career. After all, it’s the quintessential platform for job seekers, hiring managers, and recruiters, and many flock to LinkedIn to land new opportunities. But, if you want your profile to get noticed, you can’t just set one up and hope for the best…. Read more »