Three Tips to Help Your Engineering Resume Stand Out

You’re an engineer – not an HR or marketing expert. When you’re doing your job, you absolutely need to think like an engineer. But, when trying to land your next great job, you have to be able to sell yourself, especially on your resume. One of the greatest challenges with engineering resumes is determining which… Read more »

Can You Stand Out in an IT Interview in Just Five Minutes?

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All Administrative Candidates NEED to Read This Advice

As you seek your next job as an administrative professional, it’s crucial that you stand out from the competition. When selling yourself, your focus needs to be on your organizational strengths, communication skills, initiative, technical literacy, honesty and discretion, time management abilities and grace under pressure. Phew! It’s quite the tall order. But with the… Read more »

How to Add Measurable Accomplishments to a Nursing Resume

When it comes to presenting the best possible nursing resume to a potential employer, numbers count. Any time you can quantify an accomplishment, you give it more credibility in the eyes of a hiring manager. In fact, metrics are perhaps the most effective way to highlight your career achievements. In the words of executive branding… Read more »

Bright Ways to Start Your Healthcare Cover Letter

It’s time to take a fresh approach to your cover letter as you apply for your next healthcare job. The standard “Please accept my attached resume in response to …” opening is old school, and certainly is not guaranteed to grab a hiring manager’s attention. Your cover letter should be a brief but effective introduction… Read more »

The Biggest Mistakes Engineers Make in their Job Search

It only takes one slip-up to destroy your chances of landing your dream engineering job. Throughout your search and interviewing process, take steps to avoid the most common mistakes made by today’s job hunters. In Your Search Process A well-planned job search covers all the bases. Avoid the following: Failure to have a plan: Unless… Read more »

How to Become a Workplace Leader

People tend to equate workplace leadership with a specific position. But a title isn’t required to be a true leader. Leadership is the ability to influence others to achieve better results for themselves, their team and their company. The most effective leaders have a strong sense of self – and they understand the qualities that… Read more »

Looking for an Accounting Job You’ll Hate? Keep Doing these Things!

As you search for your next accounting job, you can set your direction for either success or failure. It might seem obvious that you would choose the former, but make sure you avoid paths that may ultimately lead to career unhappiness. They may not be that easy to spot at first. Avoid these surefire traps… Read more »

To Land Your Dream Administrative Job, Avoid Making These Mistakes!

  When you’re vying for your dream job, it’s important to make a good first impression. While this is true in any field, it is especially crucial for administrative professionals. After all, you are likely to be the face and voice of your company – the first person who comes in contact with customers and… Read more »

5 Things You Need to Stand Out at Your Next Job Fair

  Success at job fairs is all about the impression you make. Use these tips to leave recruiters and potential future employers with the idea that you are the candidate they’ve been looking for. Do your research. Research participating companies, so you are perceived as knowledgeable and interested. Create a prioritized list of companies that… Read more »