Start Searching for Your Dream Job in 2017…Now!

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The Right Way to Kick Off Your New Job Before the New Year

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How to Leave a Bad Job on Good Terms

Whether you are moving on to a new position, or are simply leaving a particular job behind, making a proper exit is important. Even though announcing your resignation will be awkward under the best of terms, it can be even more challenging when the job wasn’t that great in the first place. Even if the… Read more »

Are You Hard for Recruiters to Find? Stand Out with This Advice

The method for finding a new job in changing. In the past, you typically waited for a position to be advertised, applied directly, and waited to see if you were selected. Now it is much more common for recruiters to actively search for the right candidates. Tools like LinkedIn and other job sites allow them to proactively… Read more »

Do You Have a 5-Year Career Plan? Use These Tips to Make One!

While interviewers may be moving away from the question about where you see yourself in five years, that doesn’t mean you should leave that question unanswered. Having a 5-year career plan can help keep you focused, and provides a roadmap for you to reach your goals. The best part is that creating a plan isn’t… Read more »

Can You Spot These Clerical Interview Mistakes?

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Be Prepared for These 5 Difficult Legal Interview Questions

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Soft Skills Missing From Your Healthcare Resume

Some experts refer to soft skills on resumes as “personality skills.” They are increasingly important in all career fields, but perhaps nowhere are they more vital than in the healthcare arena. After all, what industry is more people oriented than taking care of others on a daily basis and enhancing their lives through medical and… Read more »

The Secret to Acing Your Next Engineering Interview

Interview styles vary depending on what position the candidate is interviewing for, and engineering is no different. As an engineer, you will be screened based on your expertise in the industry and your preparedness will take you far in an interview. You want to demonstrate that you not only have the technical skills, but you have… Read more »