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At CPS Recruitment, the health of our clients and staff are top priority.  If you are currently working with us or would like to schedule an interview, please know we can accommodate you without the need to meet in person. 

We are happy to speak over the phone and exchange documents via email.  

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CPS Recruitment has exclusively partnered with many local and national organizations to bring you current job opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

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Opportunity – As a top employment agency in Syracuse, NY, we have access to unadvertised local job opportunities that you aren’t aware of. Many of the companies we partner with don’t publicly post or advertise their positions.

Knowledge – Our experienced recruiters in Upstate NY can provide you with information on current local market trends including compensation, in-demand job skills, and the hiring outlook for your area of expertise. Our Job Seeker’s Resource Center also offers a wealth of useful information.

Confidentiality – When you apply to a position online, you never know who receives your resume, or where it will end up. When you apply to CPS Recruitment, your resume is sent directly to a recruiter who specializes in your discipline. We never share your resume without your permission.