Are You Making Employees Do Things They Hate?

While not every aspect of any job is fun, some tasks are downright loathsome in the eyes of certain employees. Even if the work is necessary, requiring team members to spend a significant amount of their day on duties that are mundane, repetitive, or not engaging can be incredibly damaging to morale. Over time, a… Read more »

Your Organization’s Role in Sexual Harassment Prevention

In an effort to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, the State of New York released a draft policy that all employers must either choose to adopt or use as guidance when creating their own policies. The model was built as part of legislation that was passed earlier this year and outlines specific… Read more »

The 5 Worst Interview Questions

When it comes to interview questions, they aren’t all created equal. Some allow the candidates to reveal critical information about themselves while others are fairly ineffective approaches when you need to assess a job seeker’s capabilities. An effective interview allows hiring managers to discover important details about a candidate’s skills, experience, and personality, making it… Read more »

This Is What’s Scaring Off Top Employees…

Retention rates are often a primary concern for organizational leaders. After all, competition for top talent has become increasingly fierce as the labor market appears to keep shrinking, and focusing on keeping your best and brightest on board can reduce your need to hire. However, if you find your top employees are often heading out… Read more »

Use These Tips to Keep Your Sales Staff Engaged at Work

When you want your sales staff to excel, engagement may be the key to success. Employees who are engaged at work are typically more motivated, leading to increased productivity. Plus, they also tend to be happier, something that not only improves your culture but can also positively impact your bottom line. If you are looking… Read more »

Start Planning Now for End-of-Year Reviews With These Tips

While end-of-year reviews may still be months away, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be preparing now. After all, you will need to go through a substantial amount of information, and trying to cram all of the work into a single week or two can be incredibly daunting. By planning for your annual end-of-year reviews now,… Read more »

Here’s How to Tell You’ve Found the Best Candidate Possible

As a hiring manager, one of your responsibilities is to find the ideal person for each job vacancy. However, low unemployment often means it is harder to find professionals with the right mix of skills and experience. Additionally, skill shortages can make things even more challenging. When you need to add a new hire, locating… Read more »

10 Perks Exciting (and Successful) Companies Offer

Perks can be an excellent way to attract top-quality candidates and retain existing employees. In some cases, they may even be more desirable than pay raises, as long as you choose the right options. If you are looking for exciting perks to offer your workforce, here are a few that some of the most successful… Read more »

New Grads Are Entering the Workforce – Here’s What You Need to Teach Them

Now that graduation season is officially over, a passel of new grads is beginning to take their first steps into the workforce. While they may have a suitable amount of technical know-how to perform in their position, many are experiencing a professional work environment for the first time. Integrating a new grad into your workplace… Read more »

Find the Best Candidates for CNY’s Hottest Summer Jobs

Finding candidates for your summer jobs requires a different approach if you want to secure the best and brightest job seekers for your vacant roles. Posting job announcements on major job boards might not be an effective approach, especially if you need to fill the positions quickly. Additionally, you might need to offer job seekers… Read more »