The Tough Truth About Underperformers

It usually costs thousands of dollars to bring on a new employee. As a result, if the new hire underperforms, it can be extremely disappointing. While it is easy to blame the less-than-ideal outcome on the selected candidate, they aren’t solely responsible for the situation. In many cases, the hiring process also plays a role… Read more »

Don’t Resort to Your B-List Job Candidates

When the labor market is tight, finding the top talent you need is increasingly challenging. Most skilled professionals – the A-list candidates – are already working elsewhere, and they might not be actively seeking new opportunities. As a result, you might feel you have little choice but to hire a B-list job seeker if you… Read more »

This Is What Your Employees Want!

Most successful companies have something in common; their employees are happy. While you might be able to attract top talent with a stellar compensation package, most won’t stick around long-term if the environment and culture are poor or the benefits offered don’t meet their needs. While many business leaders assume they have little control over… Read more »

Hiring vs. Upskilling: What’s Right for Your Workplace?

When you discover a skill gap on your team, figuring out how to address it is often a priority. Usually, you are left with two choices. First, you can try upskilling your existing staff, giving you the ability to correct the skill gap internally. Second, you can hire a new employee who has the skills… Read more »

Having a Hard Time Finding New Employees?

In today’s hyperconnected world, many managers would assume they shouldn’t have any issues finding new employees. Nearly every professional can be contacted with just a few clicks, whether that be by email, on social media or through a chat. However, many companies are struggling to find the talent they need. Even though the majority of… Read more »

You’ve Got Staffing All Wrong!

Every industry is haunted by its fair share of myths, and the staffing industry is no exception. Many managers have preconceived notions regarding what a recruitment agency can and cannot do, as well as the current state of the labor force. Often, these myths are based in a little bit of truth, but the details… Read more »

What Does Working With a Local Staffing Agency Mean for You?

Partnering with a local staffing agency can provide your company with a number of advantages. Along with access to a larger talent pool, you establish a relationship with recruitment and hiring experts who can find ideal candidates for your vacant positions quickly and efficiently. Plus, when you choose a local staffing firm, the recruiters are… Read more »

5 Soft Skills to Look for in Medical Employees

Soft skills are typically the characteristics or personality traits that allow an employee to thrive in their environment. They can improve daily interactions, increase efficiency, and make sure that, when change is a necessity, they are ready to embrace it. Certain soft skills are particularly critical for those working in the medical field. If you… Read more »

Help Employees Grow This Spring!

While some employees may be content where they are, your best and brightest are usually looking for opportunities that allow them to grow their skills and further their careers. By investing in these ambitious workers, you not only keep them engaged on the job, but you also make them more capable, something that creates a… Read more »

Stop Losing Out on the Best Available Candidates!

If you want your business to thrive, securing top talent is a must. Today, it is a job seekers market, so companies are forced to compete fiercely for the best and brightest candidates. And those who fail to meet candidate expectations are practically guaranteed to struggle. Unless your organization uses the right approach, missing out… Read more »