What Types of PPE Does Your Business Need to Supply?

The COVID-19 pandemic thrust personal protective equipment (PPE) into the spotlight. Demand for masks, gloves and similar items skyrocketed, even as people were told to stay home as much as possible. Now that many states are reopening, companies are starting to bring their employees back into the workplace. As a result, many employers are trying… Read more »

Is Your Business Prepared for a Second Wave of COVID-19?

While much of the U.S. is well into the reopening processes, many experts caution that a second wave of COVID-19 could be on the horizon. Even in areas where the spread of the virus has been calmed, some anticipate a resurgence in the fall, or possibly sooner. Until the time comes, there’s no way to… Read more »

1.5 Million More People Filed for Unemployment. Here’s How to Find Your Next Best Employee From Them

The COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread unemployment. Many skilled professionals lost their positions through no fault of their own, and most of them are actively seeking out new opportunities. However, hiring during COVID-19 is a bit challenging. Even as states reopen and restrictions lift, employers need to prioritize safety. Often, this means limiting in-person contact…. Read more »

How to Conduct a Better Virtual Job Interview

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the virtual job interview is increasingly becoming the standard. It supports social distancing requirements while closely mimicking the in-person experience, making it a solid alternative during these strange times. While some companies have been using a virtual job interview for some time, others are relatively new to the game…. Read more »

Why Do Upstate NY Businesses Partner With CPS Recruitment?

Companies throughout Upstate New York partner with CPS Recruitment for their hiring needs. CPS Recruitment is a leader in the region, offering comprehensive services and customizable solutions designed to meet each company’s unique situation.. Not only is CPS Recruitment proud to call itself a leader in the space, area businesses are happy to say so,… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Staffing for Healthcare Businesses

For healthcare businesses, patient care is a priority. Most medical offices understand that to provide the high-quality experience patients deserve, maintaining optimal staffing is critical. Being short by even a single employee can create serious challenges. That’s why having options to cover gaps is so essential. Luckily, there are plenty of staffing options available to… Read more »

This Communication Misstep Is Sending Away Your Best Candidates

Across much of the country, unemployment rates remain shockingly low. This leaves companies in a difficult position. It’s a job seekers’ market, so recruiting top talent has become incredibly challenging. Candidates aren’t forced to settle, particularly passive job seekers who aren’t in dire need of a new role. Since candidates have a significant amount of… Read more »

Can You Help End the Gender Pay Gap This Year?

The gender pay gap has been making headlines for decades. It was even a leading reason for the rise in certain forms of legislation, such as bans on companies asking candidates about their past salaries or factoring such details into their job offers. However, even as pay equality garners more attention, the issue persists in… Read more »

Your Success as a Manager Could Rely on This

Being a great manager isn’t easy. Not only do you have to bring the right amount of experience and subject-matter expertise to the table, but you also have to be a strong leader. It’s the latter part of that equation that can be difficult, as the concept can feel a bit ambiguous. After all, there… Read more »

3 Things Every Upstate Office Needs to Attract the Best Talent

Your office environment has a surprising impact on your recruitment and retention metrics. Today, skilled professionals are benefiting from the job seekers’ market. They can look beyond basics like salary and benefits package and consider an employer’s other offerings, including the physical workspace. If you want to stand out from the competition and establish your… Read more »