Prepare for 2021 With These Hiring Trends

COVID-19 had a significant impact on the world. Along with fundamentally altering the lives of many for months at a time, the coronavirus also impacted hiring. Many companies couldn’t rely on traditional recruitment approaches during the pandemic. For example, meeting with candidates in person for interviews wasn’t safe, practical, or even allowed in some cases…. Read more »

Be a Champion for Employee Health and Wellness!

Before COVID-19, companies were already working to improve employee health and wellness. Now, during these unprecedented times, those efforts are more critical than ever. Many professionals are struggling due to shelter-in-place orders, school closures, unexpected layoffs, and the stress of the pandemic. Companies with robust employee health and wellness programs have an advantage. Not only… Read more »

Your Employees Are Overwhelmed. Here’s What You Can Do

Many employees are, in a word, overwhelmed. At times, it could be purely due to their workloads. In others, it could be the combined stress of work and managing their personal lives under the shadow of COVID-19. In either case, finding ways to help overwhelmed employees is a must. Without intervention, they may quickly work… Read more »

What Is the Right Way to Handle Sick Employees After COVID-19?

With COVID-19 still being a concern, companies are having to re-examine how they handle sick employees. Past practices regarding attendance or sick leave may not be ideal during a pandemic, particularly since the rate of positive cases is rapidly increasing. To keep their workplace safe, companies need to handle sick employees the proper way. If… Read more »

Join CPS Recruitment’s CEO, Susan Crossett, For United Way of Central New York’s “If I Had Only Known Then…”

Some lessons can only be learned by living through them. Luckily, we have three successful local leaders willing to share their experiences and highlight some of the things they wish they had known earlier in life. Join Women United / United Way of Central New York for “If I Had Only Known Then…” on Tuesday… Read more »

How to Keep Your Best Seasonal Employees Around

As the holiday season approaches, many companies prepare to boost their workforce. Seasonal upswings in demand make bringing in additional employees necessary, at least for a period of a few months. While hiring temporary workers is the go-to approach, keeping them on board can be tricky. Seasonal workers may not have the same inherent sense… Read more »

Now Is a Great Time to Revise Your Workplace Sick Leave Policies

One impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is many companies are taking a close, hard look at their sick leave policies. The situation was unprecedented, and many existing policies weren’t equipped to deal with the uniqueness of the event, requiring significant reworks at a moment’s notice. In fact, New York State recently created new sick leave… Read more »

What Impact has COVID-19 Made on the U.S. Workforce?

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred extensive change. Shelter-in-place orders, closures of non-essential businesses, staged reopenings, and widespread use of work-from-home arrangements have impacted nearly everyone. The workforce has had to adapt in numerous ways, both in an immediate sense and to plan for what the new normal may become. If you are wondering how the… Read more »

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Recruiting. Is Your Business Being Left Behind?

The COVID-19 pandemic made one thing clear; the tried-and-true recruitment techniques of yesteryear aren’t enough in today’s climate. Even when unemployment soared, it didn’t impact all sectors equally. While professionals from certain fields flooded the market, other specialties remained hard to find. Plus, some industries thrived, even during stay-at-home orders. As a result, many companies… Read more »

Going Back to Your Workplace? Read This First

Reopening efforts are moving forward in many states. As a result, an increasing number of professionals are making their way back to their workplaces. While some may find going back to the office reassuring, others may have concerns. COVID-19 isn’t expected to disappear completely, and some experts believe a second wave is likely on the… Read more »