How to Create a More Inclusive Workplace

Breaking barriers and overcoming unconscious bias creates an environment where workers feel appreciated and respected.  Companies that create a culture of inclusivity also benefit from  improved financial performance and efficiency according to a study from McKinsey. Inclusivity is much more than a single factor. It’s not just gender or ethnicity, inclusivity is a mindset that… Read more »

How to Help Employees Thrive Without Remote Work

Unable to Offer Work from Home? Here’s What You Can Do. Many businesses can’t function without an in-person team, and now those employers are competing for workers who have never had more remote work opportunities to choose from.  The workforce has already been rocked by an unprecedented number of resignations, with many people transitioning to… Read more »

How to Boost Employee Retention and Motivation During the Great Resignation

    As The Great Resignation chugs along in 2022, business leaders should reassess how they plan on retaining and motivating their employees – or risk facing even more turnover in the coming year.    There’s no doubt the workforce changed in the last few years, most markedly in the number of people switching jobs… Read more »

How to Identify and Cope with Workplace Stress

Workplace stress can increase heart attack risk by 23%, studies show.   CPS Recruitment is a proud supporter of Syracuse’s American Heart Association, whose efforts to create a world of better health have changed the lives of many.   More than half of U.S. and Canadian workers feel stress every day, according to the latest… Read more »

6 Problems Gen-Z has with Remote Work and How to Solve Them

Gen-Z workers seem to have some mixed feelings about remote work, to say the least.  Although younger workers tend to be more comfortable using technology to work and communicate, many of them feel that they’re missing out on key career experiences that mostly happen in the office.  With COVID-19 still posing a threat to public… Read more »

Employee expectations: How and why they’re changing 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, including how employees view their employers and the work they do. It soon became apparent that many people weren’t getting what they wanted at work. By summer 2020, people were quitting their jobs in record numbers in what’s referred to as The Great Resignation.  Why would people leave their… Read more »

Tips for conducting a successful virtual job interview

Virtual interviews have now become the norm due to the pandemic.   Many business leaders expect virtual interviews to remain common practice which means it’s time for employers to refine their digital recruiting and interviewing practices.  Virtual job interviews can benefit employers and candidates Virtual interviews can make the hiring process much more efficient. Virtual… Read more »

How Much Should I Pay My Employees?

Employee compensation can be tricky, especially as modern work responsibilities are shifting to rely more on remote duties and less on in-office tasks during the coronavirus pandemic. However, workers are demanding to see better pay and benefits, meaning that companies will need to get comfortable with catering to those demands if they want to stay… Read more »

4 Tips for employee retention and avoiding turnover in 2021

4 Tips for employee retention and avoiding turnover in 2021     By now we know workplaces are facing the threat of a “turnover tsunami” in 2021 – studies show half of workers in the U.S. and Canada plan to look for a new job in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.    To prevent… Read more »

Why 2021 Employee Turnover is Expected to be the Highest on Record

Why 2021 Employee Turnover is Expected to be the Highest on Record After more than a year of tumultuous changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, employee turnover is expected to reach an all-time high in 2021.  A recent survey of workers in North America found that more than half of respondents planned to look for… Read more »