First & Ten: It’s How You Play the Game

By Bridget Eustace, CTS | Account Representative

What’s this blog have to do with the workplace?  Absolutely nothing.  I’ve struggled with writing a work-related blog over the past few weeks.  This is probably due to the fact that I am in a sales role here at Contemporary Personnel Staffing,  and I am truly not a “blogger.”  But I am up for this new challenge! My co-workers have done a fantastic job writing about numerous work experiences like interview tips, job search trends and unemployment rates–but,  I figured no one wanted to hear about sales!  So with the crisp days of fall upon us, I thought I’d write about what I know, or what my husband knows about—football!

Several months a year in my life revolve around the great sport of football.  I watch High School, College and NFL. I should put a disclaimer that sometimes I am forced to watch college ball if SU is not playing, and if the Bills aren’t scoring, (enter joke) I’m cast off to another room.  Small touch of superstition at my house.

Since my husband is a coach, I watch as they spend countless hours in preparation and get to see all the planning that goes into two-a-days, practices and games.  It’s fascinating to see the thoughts and strategies come together into plays on the field.  X’s and O’s become teenagers playing their hearts out to try and capture a title at the end of the year.  The same boys who may not have known each other at the beginning of the year, now rely on each other, are uniform, and push one another to do their best.  When I am not watching the players, I find myself drawn to the parents who cheer and high five each other when their tough young men are doing well, or who gather around the mom whose young child is down on the field with prayers filling their breath where the hoots and hollers once were.  Looking across the field you see the competition.  Are they going to be better?  Did they spend more time preparing for this meeting?  Only time will tell.  It never fails though: at the end of each game win or lose – they line up, shake hands and congratulate eachother on a great game.  Some go back to the locker room, wipe their tears, possibly second guess if they left everything they had on the field.  The others run through lines of cheering fans shouting how great they played and how proud they are of them.

Then, it’s back to practice as normal.  More sprints, more blocking drills, more meetings, more of what it takes to secure a win.  As I write this, I can’t help but think football sounds more like a typical day at work.

Business, much like football, has many similar key players; team mates, leaders, customers and clients.  The fans expect the players to be at their best, as our customer s and clients expect the best out of their suppliers, vendors and business partners.  Many of us are fortunate to have amazing teammates in the workplace or supporters at home who inspire us or lend a helping hand.  Through continuous education and training, we choose to equip ourselves with the tools needed to be successful at our jobs.  Our managers or leaders empower us to confidently make choices to prepare us for any meeting, customer, or situation.  They are our coaches.  And whether we win or lose at the end of the day, we look inside to see what really matters in life, play, or work:  its how you play the game.   As Vince Lombardi once said, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

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