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1.5 Million More People Filed for Unemployment. Here’s How to Find Your Next Best Employee From Them

The COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread unemployment. Many skilled professionals lost their positions through no fault of their own, and most of them are actively seeking out new opportunities.

However, hiring during COVID-19 is a bit challenging. Even as states reopen and restrictions lift, employers need to prioritize safety. Often, this means limiting in-person contact.

Plus, past recruitment efforts may not be ideal in the new landscape. That can make finding the best candidates difficult, particularly when you need to find an in-demand skill set.

Luckily, there are things you can do to find the new employees you need quickly. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips.

Use Multiple Platforms

Even with higher unemployment numbers, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t diversify your recruitment efforts. If you limit your job ads to just one or two places, you could miss out on talent. Not all professionals use the same resources, so branching out often works in your favor.

Along with traditional job boards and your company’s career page, leverage social media. You can boost engagement by creating great content, allowing you to generate interest before you even post a vacancy.

Additionally, explore niche sites and communities. For example, Stack Overflow can be a great resource when you want to identify top tech talent, so it could make sense to spend time there if you need IT pros.

Go Virtual for Candidate Interviews

One of the most valuable tools in a hiring manager’s arsenal is video chat. With it, you can connect with and interview candidates remotely, allowing you to focus on safety while screening applicants to see if they are a great match.

In most cases, transitioning to this approach requires some effort. Along with the right software, you also have to put together educational materials for candidates who may be unfamiliar with the platforms. That way, you can send over the information in advance, giving them a chance to set up and test their connections before the meeting.

Partner With a Staffing Firm

When you need to fill roles quickly, partnering with a recruitment agency can be an incredibly smart move. Often, they maintain robust talent pools at all times. Plus, when professionals want to find opportunities fast, they frequently turn to staffing firms early in the process.

By partnering with the right recruitment agency, you can tap talent that you may otherwise miss. Additionally, you will have a chance to work with professional recruiters who can locate the skillsets you need if they aren’t readily available and handle all initial screenings, ensuring you can focus your energies on only the best and the brightest.

If you would like to work with one of the area’s leading staffing firms, the team at CPS Recruitment wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment specialists today and see how our comprehensive and flexible hiring services can benefit you.

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