Is it Too Early in the Year to Start Hiring New Employees?

Is It Too Early in the Year to Start Hiring New Employees

The best job candidates are always job hunting – and from a business perspective, the beginning of the year is one of the best times to hire. In terms of the bigger picture, you should always be recruiting – but there’s a strong case for sourcing and attracting new talent early on in the first quarter.

December Grads – and More

At this time of year, candidates spend more time on job sites than during other seasons. The reasons for this are not entirely clear, but the “New Year’s resolution” theory of reenergizing a job search after the holiday season appears to ring true.

  • A growing number of students graduate from college in December. Fewer and fewer finish their bachelor’s degree work within the traditional four-year framework. For many, a December graduation is an ideal way to save a semester’s worth of tuition while getting a jump on the job market before the next flood of graduates in May.
  • It’s a prime time to capitalize on networking opportunities. The way in which candidates job search has changed fundamentally in recent years. It’s all about online job boards and businesses posting jobs on their own web sites, through social media, via industry groups, and on LinkedIn and related platforms. Google +, Facebook and other venues have allowed people to connect and reconnect, and one of the best times to do this is during the holidays. As an extension, the early months of the New Year become prime times to follow up on these opportunities and solidify good hires.

Build Your Pipeline Year Round

To maximize your chances of landing the best talent, you should always be recruiting – regardless of the month or season. You simply never know when or where the best candidates may be.

  • Create an always-up online presence. This starts with an updated, strategically branded careers page where candidates can easily learn about your employment brand and submit their resumes.
  • Make your content unique. Online communities enable you to reach a greater number of candidates at far lower costs than ever before. Integrate social media accounts into online job sites so your content reaches potential hires who are already doing research.

To develop your customized staffing and recruitment plan for optimal results year round, consider working with the team at Contemporary Personnel Staffing & Professionals Incorporated. To learn more, contact us today at or (315) 457-2500.

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