By: Katy Moses, CPC | Accounting & Finance Recruiter

We are truly an advanced and blessed society.  We can chirp, update Face Space and My Book, and let anyone in the world know exactly what we are doing in any given second, millisecond, and yes, nanosecond.  We can connect with old and cherished acquaintances, hear about events we may not have known about, and even fall in love.

There is a serious dark side to this age of instant digital communication and daily minutia sharing, however.     Back in the day, it was not so easy to let someone down or let them know you were shirking on a commitment that had been made.  You had to actually think about what someone’s response may be to this type of negative action, and hear the disappointment in their voice or, horror of horrors, actually see the look of defeat and shattered dreams in their eyes.

Our ancestors had the reputation of walking up hill both ways bare foot to get somewhere.  Do you know why?  Because they could not IM the General Store owner that they were not feeling well and could not come in to fill the grain bins that day.  Not only that, but THEIR parents would give them a good lashing for not keeping their word and actually showing up when expected.  Oh, how I sometimes long for the woebegone days when mutual respect and solid ethics were the main drivers in society.

Now, as a recruiter, I am completely aware that situations change daily in peoples’ lives.  Candidates receive better offers, decide not to go back to work, or receive counter offers (which you should never take by the way, but that is for another blog).  Recruiters, believe it or not, are actually human beings and understand that these things can happen.  However, if you truly want to make a Recruiter seethe let them know about these changes over an e-mail instead of exerting the extra effort to pick up the phone.  Throw ethics to the wind and rather than respecting the hard work they have done in getting you a job in the first place, send them a chirp.

Of course, we can not go backward, and I personally would have a very difficult time if I did not know where and when my friends were getting a cup of coffee, or have direct knowledge of the funny things their children were saying precisely as it was happening.  Let’s make an agreement here and now though.  If you ever have a tough message for me, or feel you have something very important to tell me, just give me a call, ok?

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