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Don’t Let Your Open Jobs Sit Out in the Cold!

Today, companies are dealing with numerous recruiting challenges. Not only is unemployment low but the labor pool is also shrinking, leaving businesses in an incredibly competitive hiring environment with many open jobs.

Finding top talent is increasingly a priority. By using the right strategies, you can reduce your time-to-hire, even in today’s marketplace. If you want to learn how, here are some approaches you can start using immediately to fill your open jobs.

Streamline Your Application Process

Candidates aren’t tolerating long, drawn-out application processes any longer. If yours requires too many steps, like submitting a resume and replicating the information into a standard application, answering several essay questions, or anything that extends the job seeker’s time commitment beyond a few minutes, you need to streamline now. Otherwise, skilled professionals may drop out before submitting.

Ideally, you want the first step in your hiring process to be as short as possible. For example, allow candidates to apply with only their resume (and maybe a cover letter) and avoid everything else until further down the road. By making the application process speedy, you’ll increase the size of your talent pool, making it easier to find top talent.

Similarly, aim to make everything mobile-friendly. Job seekers are increasingly using mobile devices to find and apply to opportunities. If you can make your entire application process mobile-friendly, you have made it easier for candidates to apply, which may increase your response rate.

Embrace Digital Interviews and Assessments

Whether you need applicants to complete skills tests or conduct initial interviews to narrow down your list, handling these tasks digitally is beneficial. By allowing candidates to complete assessments on their home computers or mobile devices, you’ve made it more convenient. Plus, you don’t have to book a space and schedule set times to handle the activity.

Similarly, if you need to narrow down your candidate list, phone or video conference interviews are more efficient than in-person meetings. Again, you don’t have to find a suitable space and may not need to give candidates as much notice, since they don’t have to travel to your location.

Consider After-Hours Interviewing

Offering after-hours interview times can be incredibly beneficial when you want to decrease your time-to-hire. Often, candidates need less notice if the interview occurs outside of their usual work hours. Plus, it allows them to maintain a level of discretion, as they don’t have to request time off from their current employers.

Ultimately, after-hours interviews are incredibly convenient for many job seekers who are employed somewhere else today. While they may require additional effort on your part, they can reduce your hiring timeline.

By following the tips above, you can reduce your time-to-hire, and fill your open jobs, even in today’s competitive environment. If you’d like to accelerate your timeline even further, the skilled team at CPS Recruitment can help you locate top talent quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more about our customizable recruitment and hiring services today and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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