Don’t Let Your Lack of Experience Hold You Back!

Every job seeker has to start somewhere, but crafting a strong resume designed to help you land a role when you have little to no experience is automatically challenging. It can be difficult to extoll your virtues when you don’t have a substantial amount of prior employment, regardless of whether you hold a degree. However, there are techniques that can assist you when you’re writing your first resume, even if you lack experience. Here’s how to get started.

Don’t Skip the Professional Summary

Some job seekers who don’t have much experience may think they need to bypass the professional summary section of their resume, but this simply isn’t true. Instead, you want to use this area to draw attention to important achievements and skills, based on what is being sought, as well as show that you could be successful in the role.

Highlight the Experience You Do Have

A lot of job seekers who don’t have formal employment experience have participated in activities that can (and should) be shared on a resume. For example, volunteer work is an ideal way to demonstrate you have skills that are relevant to employers. Certain club activities and associations can also be beneficial. If you’ve worked on projects related to your field, even if they were only done for your benefit or as part of a school project, then consider listing them as well.

The idea is to show your personal achievements and to create a platform to display your work-related skills, making a positive impression on the hiring manager easier.

Focus on Education and Training

For cases where you have some education or training but have yet to acquire any experience with an employer, then consider placing this information near the top of your resume. This gives you a chance to shine a spotlight on where you’ve acquired some of your knowledge and showing that you have the capacity to work in the role.

This also gives you a platform to highlight additional skills that are relevant to the employer, such as those listed in the vacancy announcement. It also shows that you were able to dedicate yourself to the task of furthering your education, and that is something a hiring manager can appreciate.

Don’t Embellish

When you don’t have much experience, it may be tempting to stretch the truth. But, if you get caught in a falsehood, you won’t just lose this job, you might be sacrificing any position with that company (or hiring manager, should they change employers) that comes up in the future.

Ultimately, it is always best to be honest about your lack of experience, but make sure to keep the conversation focused on what you have to offer. Skills can be acquired a number of ways, so those built outside of a traditional job are just as relevant if they are transferrable.

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