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After COVID-19 fundamentally altered workplaces throughout the country, many organizations began to reflect on their priorities. The pandemic made it clear that certain skills were particularly vital.

Employees who possessed the right skill sets adapted quickly to necessary changes and returned to full productivity faster than their counterparts. As a result, hiring managers are now favoring candidates with specific capabilities. If you are wondering whether your skills are in-demand, here is a look at some of the abilities hiring managers want to find.


The odds that workplaces will return to normal in the coming months seems to be relatively slim. While many states are working towards fully reopening, COVID-19 is surging again in many areas. As a result, some states are walking back their reopening plans, requiring strong restrictions just as they did in earlier phases.

Since the situation is highly fluid, companies are also going to be in flux. Many will have to change strategies, alter policies, and continuously adapt to shifting requirements. In order to succeed, they need an adaptable workforce. By being agile, you can position yourself as an asset during these unpredictable times.


Many professionals had never worked from home prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the stay-at-home orders were issued, there was essentially no transition period. Instead, the approach ended up being very sink-or-swim, and employees who weren’t comfortable with technology were often in the former category.

A lack of tech familiarity quickly became a significant hindrance. If a worker had issues getting a solution to work properly, overall productivity fell. At times, it even stayed lower for an extended period, as troubleshooting problems or training the employee is more challenging when the worker isn’t comfortable with tech.

Since telecommuting is technology-dependent, tech-savvy professionals are highly desirable in today’s climate. By being familiar and competent with tech in general, you have an easier time adjusting to the necessary approaches, something hiring managers increasingly appreciate.


At the beginning of the pandemic, companies had to adjust their processes quickly. Often, procedures weren’t designed with telecommuting or social distancing in mind. At times, there were no remote alternatives available for various duties, creating bottlenecks that had to be addressed fast to maintain overall productivity.

Creative thinking was often a requirement to find solutions to a range of unexpected problems. As a result, employees who were able to think creatively shined, as they were more adept at identifying potential approaches that could, at least, work in the interim.

While it isn’t clear whether the same level of creativity will ever be needed again, hiring managers understand those who possess a degree of ingenuity are assets. This will lead them to seek out candidates who are able to think creatively under pressure, just in case.

Ultimately, every skill above is currently in-demand, so honing your abilities in those areas is a smart move. If you’d like to learn more about how you can position yourself as an ideal candidate, the staff at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us today and see how our career planning expertise can benefit you and your Upstate NY job search.

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