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Did You Ask These Questions in Your Last Interview?

At the end of most interviews, candidates are given an opportunity to ask the hiring manager a few questions. Having something prepared is absolutely essential, particularly if you want to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role.

However, asking the right questions won’t just make a positive impression; it can also help you discover valuable information about the job, company, and culture. Here are a few questions you want to have at the ready before your next interview draws to a close.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for [Company]?

This question gives you a chance to learn two things. First, it is an opportunity to find out what the hiring manager enjoys about the organization, environment, and even their position. Second, you can incidentally discover details that clue you in to the hiring manager’s priorities, which can also be valuable.

Additionally, it steers the conversation in a positive direction, which can make bonding with the hiring manager easier. Many people like to talk about what they enjoy, so it can help you make a positive impression by association.

Can You Tell Me What Helped Your Most Recent Successful Hire Excel?

By asking this question, you learn more about how the hiring manager views success. Plus, you can find out about skills or traits that helped a recent new hire flourish, giving you an inside track to doing the same.

Can You Tell Me What Prevented a Recent Poor Hire From Succeeding?

This question contrasts the previous, giving you a chance to learn about someone who struggled and what may have held them back. Additionally, you can discover traits that may not mesh with the company’s culture, environment or priorities, making it easier for you to decide if the job is actually a good fit.

What Is the Company’s Current Biggest Challenge and How Does This Role Help Solve It?

By asking this question, you can learn about the organization’s biggest pain points. Further, you can discover how this position is involved in overcoming the issue, making the connection between the company’s goals and the job clearer.

Additionally, it showcases your awareness that the organization has specific needs that relate to its existing challenges. Again, this can help you make a positive impression, particularly if you can highlight how your skills and experience could make solving the problem easier once the hiring manager clarifies the issue.

Are There Any Skills You Wish I Had That Would Make Me a Better Fit for the Role?

This is another question that can accomplish two goals. First, it allows you to discover if there are any qualifications that you may be lacking, giving you insight into how you can become a better candidate. Second, if you do have the skills but didn’t get a chance to discuss them previously, you now have a window to speak about them, ensuring all your qualifications are known by the hiring manager.

By asking the questions above, you can gather critical information that can make it easier to determine if a job or employer is the right fit for you. If you would like to learn more, the staff at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment specialists today and see how our interviewing expertise can benefit you. Or if you’re looking for a new job opportunity, click here to check out our open positions.

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