How do you cook a Thanksgiving turkey?

Every Thanksgiving there are endless turkey cooking tips and other helpful hints to make your holiday great. This year, we’re sharing some laughs by turning to a new set of experts: kids. Let some kindergarten wisdom on how to cook the big meal alleviate some of your holiday stress.

Enjoy the humor and enjoy your holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

A class of kindergarten students tells us: How do you cook a Thanksgiving turkey?

  • You get a turkey from the Farmer’s Market. Ask the farmer to kill it for you. They are really nice and will take off the feathers too. They can shave off the feathers.
  • You can catch the turkey with a big net.
  • Go to a store and buy a turkey. Not T.J. Maxx because they only have shirts. Go to the grocery store and ask the meat person to cut off the wings. You need about 60 pounds of turkey.
  • I think about eight pounds is what my mom buys.
  • We buy a small turkey, about 100 pounds. We put spice and pepper all over so it is really hot. Then we add sugar. You can put candy in the middle. That’s the stuffing.
  • The turkey is all wrapped up when you buy it and you have to cut the paper off. It will have a hole in the middle for stuffing. Just take a big handful of fluffy stuff and put in the turkey.
  • You have to wrap it all up with string.
  • I’ve never seen my mom cook a turkey but I saw a turkey at the farm and they can really peck you!
  • We always go out for turkey.
  • Just come to my house and ask my mom. I used to have a turkey and we have a special tool to squirt the juice in and it is called a chicken squirter. It’s like that thing in the science room.
  • Call my grandma. She cooks all the turkeys. She is the only one that knows how. She can tell you. She’s really nice.
  • Cook it in a really hot oven about 50 degrees for 10 hours. Or for medium cook it for 2 hours.
  • If you know how to cook a chicken, you can cook a turkey. They are really big chickens.
  • My mother got a cooking book and if you call her, she can tell you how to do it. She already knows how to read.


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