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How Your Company Can Benefit From Temp-to-Hire Services

Whenever it comes time to hire a new person to join your team, you want to make sure you bring the right candidate onboard as quickly as possible. Often, this means relying on your screening process to try and find the best fit, but that doesn’t guarantee the person will ultimately work out.

Sometimes, a candidate that looks great on paper and nails the interview ends up not being an ideal match once you get them in the door. But, if you’ve made them a permanent member of your staff, you’re generally faced with tough choices, and they can be costly.

Instead of rolling the dice when you hire, there is an alternative approach: temp-to-hire. Here are just a few of the ways temp-to-hire services can benefit your company.

What is Temp-to-Hire?

Temp-to-hire, also called temp-to-perm, is an arrangement where a worker starts off as a temporary employee through a staffing agency. You get the same ability to screen candidates for the right skills, but only bring them in as a non-permanent employee initially. Then, if the person seems like a good fit after they’ve been working as part of your team, you can extend an offer of permanent employment, officially making them a member of your staff.

Why You Should Consider a Temp-to-Hire Service

Partnering with a staffing firm for temp-to-hire services provides your company with a range of benefits. First and foremost, you have the opportunity to work with skilled recruitment professionals who specialize in locating and screening candidates based on your unique needs. Throughout the process, you have access to their expertise, providing you with an additional source of reliable information and support.

Second, you can bring in a worker with a “try before you buy” mentality. You get the chance to assess their skills in real-world scenarios inside your business, helping to determine if they have the proper competencies to be successful over the long-term, as well as see if they meld with your company culture, their coworkers, and their managers. Even a highly skilled professional isn’t guaranteed to fit in with those who already work for your company, so you get to have a trial run before you decide to hire them permanently.

Should the temporary worker not meet your needs, you’ll also experience significant cost savings and less hassle than if they were permanent and had to be let go. A temp-to-hire arrangement always begins as temporary, so you can release the worker back to the staffing agency at any time. During that time, you are not liable for costs associated with items like unemployment. Plus, the overhead costs associated with their trial period tend to be lower than if you had already brought them onboard.

You can also request a new candidate be located by the staffing firm, allowing you to bring on another person under the temp-to-hire arrangement until you find the best match.

Ultimately, a temp-to-hire service is both convenient and cost-effective, giving you the ability to find the ideal person for the role without the commitment associated with making a permanent hire right away. If you are interested in learning more about temp-to-hire services or need a new employee to join your team, the professionals at CPS Recruitment has the expertise you need. Contact us today to see how our services can benefit your company today.

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