Change Can Bring a New Beginning!

By Stacey Wood, CTS

Early yesterday morning the air was crisp and cool and the ground was blanketed with a wide array of colorful leaves. Several hours later while running some errands, I finally recognized that familiar feeling.  Change was in the air.  The melancholy and reflection involved when one experiences the end of a great season was present, however, so was the sheer excitement of potential new beginnings.  Thus, this is an excellent time of year to get back to basics while job hunting.

Get Organized

Do yourself a favor and buy one of those colorful notebooks you’ve seen in stores for back to school. Make a list of all the companies you are targeting and a brief summary of why. Do your research. Further, be prepared to ask intelligent questions in the event you obtain an interview. Now is an excellent time to note those questions while you are in the midst of this process. Don’t forget to add any of the companies you previously connected with as well and any notes you may have. You will be thankful to have all of this data consolidated in one place for easy reference.

Make contact

Reach out to your network of friends, professional contacts in Linked-In and former co-workers. This time of year, it is typically far easier to reach them then it is during the summer months. Secure any relevant details you can about the targeted organizations and add them to your list. Make an effort to get contact information for decision makers, as well as the folks in the HR Department. Send your resume and cover letter along and do it today—no more hazy, lazy days of summer.


Keep a detailed list of the contacts you sent your resume to and note the date and time. In addition, plan in advance to follow-up on the materials you sent. Keep this process organized. Make sure you note what the job title/number was and the site or source you used as the lead. Track all activity and make notes about anyone you are able to speak with directly regarding the opening to send a note of thanks. These people typically speak with hundreds of applicants. The more detail you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

As the season progresses accompanied by shorter days and cooler evenings, embrace change and take full advantage of making a new start!

This post was excerpted from a piece that originally appeared in the Job Advice blog on, where Stacey blogs on a monthly basis.

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