Can You Ever Connect with “That” Co-Worker?

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Not everyone in a workplace will get along naturally. Often, there is at least one person with which you find it challenging to connect. Whether they are overly negative, interrupt your work, or have trouble communicating, there are ways to make a connection with that co-worker, even if they drive you a bit crazy. To help you forge a relationship with almost anyone in the office, here are some tips to relieve some of the tension.

Change Your Reaction

While you might not be able to control a co-workers actions, you can control your reaction. Instead of allowing your frustration to take over your day, either by internalizing your annoyance or having a poor reaction, choose not to let them get to you. Instead, focus on other tasks and move beyond the interaction. Soon, something else will come along to occupy your mind, and the encounter will be a distant memory.

Focus on the Positive

No one is devoid of positive traits, and that co-worker is no different. Instead of allowing the characteristics that get under your skin to dominate how you see them, make an effort to find the positive traits they also possess. Then, if you find yourself becoming annoyed, try and focus on the good things they have to offer. You may find it easier to look past those small irritations once you see there is more to them than you initially realized.

Set Boundaries

If your biggest point of contention is ill-timed interruptions, working to set suitable boundaries may resolve the issue. Whenever they stroll up for a chat (and not a critical work issue), feel free to blame your workload while easing your way out of the conversation. Just let them know that now isn’t a good time because you have a deadline, a meeting, or any other honest reason why you can’t talk then, and ask for a raincheck.

As long as you keep the reason work-oriented, most people will understand.

Know Your Role

Sometimes, it is important to turn a critical eye inward to examine your part in the less than favorable interactions. It may be that you recognize some qualities in them that you dislike in yourself, creating a point of contention that isn’t necessarily their fault. Additionally, your negative reaction to the conversation may be more apparent than you realize, automatically putting them off before you’ve really had a chance to connect.

While looking at one’s own actions is difficult, it is an important part of the process. A relationship takes two, so your actions could be just as troubling to them as theirs seem to you.

As you begin to examine the relationship more clearly, it can be easier to find ways to connect or at least create a more pleasant environment for the both of you to work.

If you are looking for more tips to connect with co-workers or are trying to find a new job opportunity, CPS Recruitment® has the expertise to help you manage the task. Contact us to discuss your employment needs today.


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