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Can You Be Picky in the Holiday Season?

Can You Be Picky in the Busy Season

If you’re wondering whether you can successfully hire during December’s busy holiday season, the answer goes something like this: “Yes, Virginia, the best candidates are available.”

In fact, this month offers prime recruitment opportunities. Along with January and June, it’s when many employed prospects have free time to consider a new job due to their own reduced workloads. As may be the case at your company, a typical business trend is to gear down and adjust work patterns during the end-of-year holidays. Also, this is the time when many folks are reevaluating their current work and life situations and planning for the future.

So, carpe diem! Successful hiring is a “12-month-a-year” job. Definitely don’t omit December from your plan.

A Powerful Recruitment Period

December is strategically one of the most effective months to recruit, for a number of reasons:

  • Candidates have more time to job hunt. With extra time off and things quieter at the office, there is simply more time for individuals to look for jobs and respond to recruiter calls. This includes those prime passive candidates who may have been holding potential opportunities in their inboxes for some time now. They may be seeing your employer branding materials for the first time, so be sure these are up-to-date and especially enticing.
  • December is bonus payout time. Once individuals receive their year-end bonuses, they know they won’t see another one for a full year. This may reduce their incentive to stay at their current company.
  • Prospects will be active on social media. Extra free time will prompt them to update their content, including LinkedIn profiles and resumes. They’ll most likely be carrying their mobile platforms with them 24/7. They should be able to view every aspect of your employer brand and job application directly from their mobile devices.
  • It’s a great time for college recruiting. Up to a third of college students graduate at the end of the fall semester. In addition, those on winter break typically have free time and their minds are unencumbered by coursework. Smart recruiters will capitalize on those who are visiting family at home during the holiday season.
  • There is less competition. Many corporate recruitment budgets have been exhausted for the year, leaving employers who have not planned wisely with no choice but to halt their 2014 hiring efforts. Also, HR staffers are likewise using up vacation time. If you and your team stay active this month, you’re at an advantage.
  • It’s an optimal time for employee referrals. Your employees will likely spend a lot of time socializing – both online and in person – during the holiday season, so they’re more apt to interact with top prospects. Encourage them to use seasonal communications to further strengthen recruiting relationships.

Let Your Staffing Partner Help

Hiring is about more than just finding candidates. Its success is based on finding the right candidates. Work with a staffing firm that knows your needs and can provide valuable support, as you’re just as time-pressed as everyone else this month.

  • Consider all the options. One consideration is hiring temporary or temp-to-hire employees. Let your staffing firm address your individual demands and position you to hit the ground running come January.

To learn more and strive toward exceeding your 2014 staffing goals, contact the recruitment team at Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated at (315) 457-2500 or sales@cpsprofessionals.com today.

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