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How to Better Onboard Your New Temporary Employees to Set Them Up for Success!

When you find a great candidate for a temporary position, and they accept the job, you might assume the hiring process is done. However, if you want your short-term employees to be successful, you don’t want to leave them to their own devices just yet. Instead, by providing them with a thorough onboarding process during their initial time with your company, you are taking steps that will set them up for success.

Onboarding your temporary employees ensures critical information is appropriately covered. Plus, it familiarizes them with your workplace, making them more comfortable and ensuring they can navigate the environment. If you want to make sure your short-term hires have an ideal onboarding experience, here’s what you need to do.

Know Your Goals

Before you craft an onboarding process, you need to know precisely what it should achieve. What information do temporary employees need to thrive? What details can’t be overlooked? What is an ideal delivery schedule for that information? Are some items bigger priorities than others?

By asking yourself the questions above, you can create an outline covering your onboarding objectives, prioritizing them along the way. That way, you can make sure your program focuses on the most critical parts first and nothing is overlooked by mistake.

Provide Experiential Learning

While much of your onboarding process might involve reviewing policies and procedures, if you want your temporary employees to excel, make sure to integrate some hands-on training into the process as well. Give them a chance to learn by doing, either by teaching a group and having them take turns or assigning every new hire a buddy they can shadow and learn from during their initial days.

Experiential learning often increases information retention. Plus, it ensures short-term workers can ask questions that would naturally arise early in the process, increasing the odds they’ll reach full productivity quickly.

Make Introductions

Temporary employees need to fully integrate into your company if they are going to thrive. If you want to make sure they feel comfortable and confident, take some time to make introductions during the process. Bring them to meet their new co-workers and encourage everyone to introduce themselves. Connect them with their manager and other members of the leadership team, and have everyone focus on being welcoming and supportive.

By adding this to your process, your temporary employees will feel valued and seen. And, when it comes to morale and productivity, those small gestures can work wonders.

Create Check-In Opportunities

As your new short-term hires begin in their positions, make sure there are regular check-in sessions on the calendar. Have their manager speak with them one-on-one at the end of their first few weeks to make sure things are going well and to see if your temporary workers have any questions. Offer positive feedback about their progress whenever possible to create a lasting good impression, and make sure any criticism is constructive and actionable.

While the steps above may seem simple, they can make a significant impact on your temporary employees, increasing the odds they will succeed during their time with your company. If you’d like to learn more about onboarding, the staff at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to discuss your questions with one of our team members today and see how our onboarding expertise can benefit you.

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