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Benefits to Working with a Syracuse Staffing Firm

If you play for the Orange, your best bet is to squash the competition from the familiar domain of the Carrier Dome. If you want barbecue, you’ll probably head to Dinosaur. Not only are these venues known for their high standards in the region, but they also put Syracuse on the national map as “must visits” when you live, work or vacation nearby.

And that’s exactly what you want in your staffing firm: the ideal balance of local roots, contacts and cultural knowledge as well as industry-leading recruitment and HR expertise.

By working with a local staffing expert, you and your company:

Save Money and Save Time

Local staffing firms have the advantage of an extensive business and candidate network with roots in your geographic area – though, of course, they also can offer candidates from elsewhere. Your local staffing firm has connections in the local market that are invaluable. Your recruitment partner will:

  • Provide pre-qualified manpower based on your immediate, short and long-term staffing needs by matching candidates’ skill sets, backgrounds and personalities to your open positions. If an unexpected vacancy occurs on a Monday morning, they can be in your office by Monday afternoon.
  • Time is money. Your staffing company reviews hundreds of resumes every month and can quickly dip into their well-developed talent bank and provide you with a short list of only the best candidates for you to meet and interview. No need to spend your staff time or budget dollars on pre-screening or reference checks.

Invest in Your Community

When you partner with a local agency, you support your local economy. It’s a win-win situation as you also expand your own professional network within the region. Your Syracuse staffing firm has a vested interest in the community, just like you do, so this contributes to a high level of cooperation, synergy and desire to succeed.

A local firm:

  • Knows the area’s business culture, government and development agencies, and other entities that can potentially impact daily operations or long-term strategic plans. They even know the weather and how to work around the next lake effect storm!
  • Needs you as much as you need them. If your staffing experience with your local business partner is successful, chances are you’ll spread the word. And we all know that networking is the basis of long-term relationships and growth.

When you seek out a staffing agency, look for a successful track record in average job acceptance rates and time to fill positions. Look for the depth of knowledge and contacts to round out your recruitment strategy. Look for reliability, flexibility, and market strength. And, you may not have to look very far from home!

To learn more, contact the team at CPS and Professionals Inc. at our Liverpool office. If you are looking for Liverpool employment agencies, contact us today.

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