Back to Basics: a job search primer

You need a job. We have jobs. Are you prepared?

Our goal is to connect you with the right job. We want YOU to help us help you. Here are some basic steps to prepare for your job search!

1.       Get Your Facts Straight

First things first, have an updated resume at hand! I can’t tell you how important it is (coming from someone who screens hundreds of resumes in a week) to have your updated information on your resume. Keep your information short and sweet, highlighting the most important details. Make sure your phone number, address and email are all correct. If using a template make sure you fill in all the spots or at least delete the ones you are not using so “Your Name Here” is not left on your resume. Most importantly, get it done ahead of time because if you snooze, you lose.

2.       Know What You Want

It is critical that you know what company you are contacting when pursuing a specific job. It doesn’t look good when you have to ask “who is this?” You called me! Be prepared to tell the recruiter what position you are calling about or at least, what kind of work you are interested in. It is difficult to help someone who calls and is not prepared to articulate the type of job they are looking for. Know what kind of work, what kind of hours you are looking for and have an idea of the salary you require. If e-mailing a resume and cover letter, make sure the contact information is the same as who you are sending it to, not some other company you applied to last night.

3.       Stay Positive!

It is so important to remain positive while in your job search. We, as recruiters, want to help everyone find the perfect job.  Someone who is positive during a phone conversation or even in dropping off their resume is more likely to get our attention than someone who is not. Show enthusiasm and be polite. Remember, we are on your side!

 Hundreds of people call our office in a week trying to land a new job. You want that job? Follow these steps, make yourself stand out, and you’ll be on your way. 

Megan is a Recruiting Assistant for Contemporary Personnel Staffing in Liverpool, NY.  She helps recruit job seekers looking for opportunities in a variety of fields, including Manufacturing and Warehouse. To see a list of the many jobs offered by Megan and her team, check out our website or call us at 315.458.2100. 

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