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Are Your Job Opportunities More Trick Than Treat


There you are, sending out resumes like Halloween candy, but it seems like no one is interested in taking a bite. Before you become frustrated with your job search, maybe there is a way you can entice more employers to give you a chance. To prove you are the workplace equivalent of a Snickers and not a sour apple, consider these resume tips.

Improve the Presentation

Just like decorations on Halloween, presentation speaks volumes. Take a look at your resume. Is it easy to read? Is there too much whitespace, or not enough? Is your font choice stylized?

Your resume should be visually attractive, but easy to review. You want to make sure the font is clear and clean. While a single pinstripe separating your contact information from the body of your resume can look refined, avoid using a heavy graphic. In some cases, applicant tracking systems (ATSs) will reject resumes that are hard to scan, meaning you never have the opportunity to be seen by a person.

Make It Bite Sized

Just like the individual Halloween treats, make sure your resume is just a satisfying mouthful and not an overload. Keep you total resume at an appropriate length, often one or two pages, and keep your points focuses. A resume should be easy to digest. Many resumes only get a quick 10-second look over before the recruiter moves on. Make sure that 10 seconds is as satisfying as possible.

Be Original

Bringing something unique to the table can be a benefit. While it is important to cover the key points listed in the job description, you don’t have to churn out a carbon copy of the perfect example resume. Instead of being a ghost in a sea of ghosts, try being a rock star instead. Let your personality shine through in an appropriate way. Use your words to describe your experience, and not just the words you see every well else. You can still use keywords without sounding like everyone else working in the field.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Don’t be the kid huddled in the back of a group at the recruiter’s door. Instead, be upfront, have a big smile, and declare your trick-or-treat intentions loud and clear by starting your resume with the most compelling information.

If you have specific experience or education that makes you ideal for the job, don’t make someone hunt through your resume to find it, because they won’t. Instead, highlight those assets immediately, at least in brief. Lead off with your best points, like a personal highlight reel, and use that to entice them to keep reading.

Want More Advice?

Whether you want more help developing your resume, or are looking for the next place to send your resume to, the professionals at CPS Recruitment® are here to help. They will make sure that your resume is ready to be a treat, and never seen as a trick. Contact CPS Recruitment® today!




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