Are You Making an Effort to Woo Top Candidates?


When it comes to attracting top talent to your company, you need to put your best foot forward, right from the start. Remember, while you are assessing candidates for a good fit, they also are evaluating whether your organization is a place they want to work.

Offer a Winning Brand

Set the bar high as you define and communicate your employment brand.

  • A major reason why A-list candidates covet jobs at leading companies is the perception that it will be hard to get those roles. People want to be associated with a winning organization, so the best way to create a more desirable workplace than your competitors is to outperform them. Offer bragging rights for holding a job that others would love to have.
  • Attraction trumps recruitment. Your employment brand is the way you are perceived by former, current and prospective employees. Make yours magnetic – and then communicate it effectively. In today’s competitive talent marketplace, you can’t afford to be a well-kept secret.

Optimize Your Hiring Process

Be sure that the hiring systems you are using are attracting – not discouraging – top talent.

  • As noted by the Business Journals, one in four candidates has had a bad experience when applying for jobs. Of these, 42 percent reported they would never seek employment at the same company again. Negative candidate experiences don’t just hurt the growth and quality of your talent pool, they also hurt your brand.
  • Make a great first impression. Often, getting through the first steps of the application process is so cumbersome that you lose viable candidates right out of the gate. Make sure your job posting is realistic and accurate. List the experience, skills and attributes that are truly required in order to succeed – not just those that would be “nice to have.” Clearly define why someone would want to work for your company. Keep your online process simple and user friendly.
  • Be as efficient as possible. Many of the best candidates are currently working. Think twice before asking your top prospects to spend multiple half-days, or full days, at your site. If they are as committed as you think they are, they may have difficulty stepping away from their current responsibilities for long periods of time.
  • Provide a realistic preview. Give candidates a tour and expose them to your day-to-day work environment. Be honest about their hours, travel, telecommuting options, equipment and related factors. At the same time, keep your approach positive and emphasize what you can offer that your competitors cannot.
  • Close the loop. If someone is no longer being considered for a position, tell them as soon as possible. Social media provide ample opportunities for people to air details of their candidate experiences. If you make a poor impression, you are not likely to attract a great pool of candidates in the future.

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