Are Healthcare Jobs Easier (or Harder) to Find Now?

As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the United States, it’s fundamentally altering the job market. Certain professionals instantly became hot commodities, including many who work in healthcare. But that doesn’t mean opportunities abound for them everywhere.

Additionally, the hiring landscape itself is more complicated than ever. Companies are making hiring decisions often without meeting candidates in person, which wasn’t the norm just a few months ago.

If you are wondering whether healthcare jobs are easier or harder to find now, here’s what you need to know.

The Availability of Healthcare Jobs

While healthcare jobs are plentiful in general, they aren’t easier to find in all cases. Hospitals are looking diligently for workers with the right skills. As they become overrun by COVID-19 patients, ensuring they have optimal staffing levels becomes increasingly important. This leads many to continue (if not ramp up) their recruitment and hiring operations.

However, smaller practices and clinics aren’t necessarily doing to same. In certain states, specific medical procedures aren’t allowed if they aren’t critical to a patient’s health. This means some medical facilities are operating at much lower levels, as the nature of their patient load typically doesn’t meet that requirement.

Whether you can land your ideal healthcare job right now partially depends on what kind of work you’d like to find. If you are open to working in a hospital in a role that provides care to COVID-19 patients, you may have little issue when it comes to the availability of opportunities. But, if you typically work in clinics that provide elective procedures, you might struggle to land a new position right now.

The New Norm for Hiring Processes

Finding a healthcare job isn’t the only aspect of the experience that may be different. Many companies are having to turn away from the traditional hiring process due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For example, the in-person interview is significantly less common. Mainly, it’s because meeting face-to-face with a stranger introduces an unnecessary level of risk in today’s unique circumstances.

But that doesn’t mean interviews aren’t happening. Instead of in-person meetings, phone and video interviews are the current standard. They allow hiring managers to ask candidates the same questions they always would, all while adhering to social distancing recommendations.

How to Find a Better Healthcare Job During COVID-19

If you’re looking for a better healthcare job, you can find one, even while COVID-19 is in full swing. Along with traditional search options, like large job sites and social media searches, you can work with a recruitment agency to find a great opportunity.

Staffing firms have connections to a range of local employers, including many in the healthcare industry. They can help you identify opportunities, refine your resume, and even prepare for remote interviews. If you are looking for a healthcare job today, the skilled team at CPS Recruitment can make the process as simple and streamlined as possible. Contact us to speak with one of our highly experienced healthcare recruiters today and see how our job search expertise can benefit you.

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