All Administrative Candidates NEED to Read This Advice

Administrative Candidates

As you seek your next job as an administrative professional, it’s crucial that you stand out from the competition. When selling yourself, your focus needs to be on your organizational strengths, communication skills, initiative, technical literacy, honesty and discretion, time management abilities and grace under pressure.

Phew! It’s quite the tall order. But with the right preparation and strategic approach, you can be more than ready to take it on.

Tips for Success

Keep these guidelines in mind as you take your career to the next level:

  • Keep an eye on the hot industries. If you are undecided regarding what type of business you want to work for, search for openings in industries where administrative professionals are in high demand. These include healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and technology.
  • Optimize your social media presence. Start with your LinkedIn profile. Include a professional head shot and use a headline that expresses your best qualities and embodies your personality. Show a diverse range of connections and demonstrate your active involvement in online communities. Beyond LinkedIn, extend your strategy to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.
  • Emphasize your unique value. In one recent study, 94 percent of senior managers noted that their administrative assistants were important to their success. Highlight specific ways in which you have made your bosses’ jobs easier and helped contribute to their accomplishments.
  • Illustrate your soft skills. Strengths like a positive attitude, an indelible work ethic and teamwork are especially important in administrative roles. Be sure they are prominent in your resume and cover letter – and be prepared to elaborate on them during interviews.
  • Show your firm grasp on technology. Forty-eight percent of senior managers said new technology has had the greatest impact on administrative assistant jobs in recent years. Demonstrate your software prowess and convey your willingness to keep up with changing technology. Be sure to list specific versions of programs and note your level of expertise in each.
  • Tailor your tactics to the job opening. Every facet of your application and candidate presentation should focus on skills that match the description of the job. Whenever appropriate, use the same phrasing as the job description, including keywords. This will help your application to make it through computerized applicant tracking systems and to the top of the pile.

Find a Career Partner

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, the experienced staffing team at CPS Recruitment® can partner with you to make your dream administrative job a reality. Send us your resume, check out our current hot jobs, or contact us today to learn more.




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