Accounting Job Seeker Advice for 2015

Accounting Job Seeker Advice for 2015

Accounting is a critical function of every business and there continue to be a variety of career paths available, whether you’re starting out as a recent graduate or are a seasoned business professional. But landing the best jobs requires the right combination of strategy, networking and good old hard work.

Here are some tips as you take your accounting career to the next level:

Optimize Your Online Presence

Start with LinkedIn, which continues to be the premier social media platform for job seekers and employers. But don’t stop there.

  • Basic LinkedIn membership is free and gives you access to the site’s best features including professional discussion groups. Become actively involved and contribute to these forums as a means of sharing your knowledge and specific expertise.
  • Keep your online reputation squeaky clean. Don’t be naïve in thinking prospective employers don’t look at Facebook, twitter, Pinterest or other “social” sites. They will search – and find – you wherever you are. Pay attention to privacy settings and any and all content that points to you. Google yourself periodically as a means of self-monitoring postings, photos, updates and images.

Grow Your Network

Make a list of people you know in the accounting profession. The best jobs often come from these professional contacts and networks. They may come from unlikely sources, such as friends of friends or people you meet through church, your children’s school, your neighborhood or a book club or related interest. Follow up with them in an appropriate fashion.

Build Your Resume

Optimize and continually update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

  • If you’re a recent graduate, put your education credentials near the top and elaborate on your accounting curriculum and related activities and internships.
  • Get certified. Become a certified public accountant (CPA), certified management accountant (CMA), certified fraud examiner (CFE) or certified internal auditor (CIA). Employers recognize the time, effort and knowledge required to realize these achievements.

Consider Temporary Work

Temporary accounting positions are especially plentiful during income tax season, between now and April 15. The benefits of temporary work include:

  • Gaining insight into different kinds of accounting opportunities.
  • Further growing your professional network.
  • The possibility of a temp job being a stepping stone to a permanent hire.

Whether you’re seeking a temporary or permanent position, partner with a recruiter who knows, understands and focuses on accounting placements. They offer a competitive edge by having industry market intelligence, contacts, and knowledge of hiring and related business trends. Often, the best jobs are not advertised but chances are, a specialized recruitment firm is already working with the right hiring companies.

Join a Professional Organization

Voluntary work for an accounting organization, especially in a leadership role, is an invaluable resource. So don’t simply join a group. Participate, work on a committee and attend and contribute to events. Here are a few to consider within the accounting field:

  • American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)
  • Professional Accounting Society of American (PASA)
  • American Accounting Association (AAA)

Contact the Contemporary Personnel Staffing & Professionals Incorporated team for additional resources to build your accounting career in 2015. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with both candidates and clients, taking the time to understand your unique needs, and helping you land in the job that’s made for you.

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