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6 Industries with Projected Growth this Year

The Top Industries for Jobs in Syracuse NY

With the U.S. and global economies on the upswing, growth and career opportunities are on the horizon for 2014. Here’s a look at six industries driving this positive trend:


The performance of accounting firms is a good barometer for the economy, and the outlook is encouraging in a number of areas.

  • The real estate market is among those where increasing services will be needed, as excess inventory has been depleted and new business leads are sought.
  • U.S. financial employment grew by 15,000 jobs in a single month – July 2013 – and 61 percent of corporate CFOs said they planned to hire within the next year.


Factories around the world rebounded in 2013 and businesses remain confident moving through the first quarter of this year.

  • As 2013 ended, U.S. manufacturers were hiring workers at the fastest rate since June 2011.
  • Recovering overseas economies, increases in capital investments and a higher demand for building materials are among current factors contributing to the need for manufacturing job growth.


New jobs are emerging across myriad industries including construction, education, healthcare, social services, science and technology.

  • Administrative assistant positions will be in heightened demand due to general economic growth, as well as the need to replace workers who retire or transfer to other occupations.
  • Opportunities will be the greatest for those with extensive knowledge of computer technology and software applications.

Human Resources

Consistent with economic recovery, employment across most businesses and industries is forecast to grow – a good sign for HR professionals.

  • Optimism is high among private companies, whose revenues are forecast to outpace gross domestic product predictions.
  • Among the HR positions most in demand are compensation and benefit managers, training and development specialists, talent managers, information systems analysts and EAP administrators.


In 2014, employers will rely on engineers to help them stay competitive when it comes to updated product designs, optimal manufacturing processes and expanded output.

  • The fastest-growing areas of employment include the biomedical and civil engineering sectors, paralleling demands for medical devices and infrastructure construction and security, respectively.
  • The job market will continue to benefit from pending Baby Boomer retirements, particularly in general engineering, research and development, and consulting services.

Information Technology

As technology continues its high-speed evolution, the computer systems design and related service industry is among the economy’s largest and fastest sources of growth.

  • A leading growth catalyst in the IT industry is the burgeoning need of businesses to analyze, interpret and integrate massive quantities of data to drive results. Big Data will continue to be big business in 2014 and beyond.
  • In June 2013, IT jobs totaled 4,463,000 nationwide. This represented a 5.71 percent increase from June 2012. Trends related to this growth included skyrocketing demand for cloud computing and smartphone technology skills.

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