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5 Ways to Take Your Elevator Pitch to the Next Level

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Most people understand the importance of a well-developed elevator speech, but few actually take the time to create one. Add to that the fact that introducing yourself to strangers in such a short time can be challenging on its own, and it’s no surprise the task falls to the wayside. But having an effective elevator pitch can bring about new opportunities, so it is a helpful tool to have at your disposal.

Before you begin to fret about whether your elevator pitch hits the mark, here are five ways to bring your introduction to the next level starting today.

1. Get All Your Thoughts on Paper

We all know that a person cannot be fully described in only 30 seconds. Often, this simple challenge makes it difficult to figure out what to include in an elevator pitch and what to leave out. In this regard, it is better to start with more and go from there.

So, instead of limiting yourself when creating your speech, start by recording everything you could possibly want to share. This will let you get every thought on paper first, essentially creating a rough draft.

2. Edit It Like a Hiring Manager

When you begin editing your rough draft, take a moment to assume the perspective of a hiring manager before you begin. This helps you focus on the points that will provide them value first. Make sure to focus on facts and eliminate any extraneous words. Additionally, stay away from clichés, such as describing how “passionate” you are about your work.

3. Propose to Solve a Problem

An elevator pitch isn’t about singing your praises; it’s about helping someone see how you are the solution to their problem. Create an approach that explains how your experience allows them to remove a pain point from current processes, and you are more likely to catch the hiring manager’s attention even if the initial encounter is brief.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Elevator pitches are mini-monologues, designed to convey critical information as quickly as possible, often without interruption. To do so effectively, you must take the time to practice your approach and nail down your content.

Practice helps your elevator pitch seem effortless. In turn, you will become more confident in its delivery and confidence is always a great trait to possess.

When practicing, try to do so under different circumstances. Practice in front of a mirror, with friends and family, with co-workers or with mentors. The more you go over the information and receive feedback, the more honed your final result will be.

5. Use It Often

Once you have an elevator pitched developed, use it as often as possible. Every time you go to an interview, job fair or networking event is an opportunity to use your speech. Not only can this help you find new opportunities, but it also provides valuable feedback you can use to refine your approach.

Often, an elevator pitch is ever-evolving as every chance to use it gives you a chance to make it better. If you are looking for opportunities to put your elevator pitch to use, CPS Recruitment® can help. Contact us to discuss positions available in your area and see how a well-crafted elevator pitch can help you get ahead today.


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