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5 Tips to Give Your New Hire a Great First Day


The first day of a new job can be overwhelming. First impressions are important. New hires know they need to put their best foot forward – but does your company follow the same rule?

In a recent survey of 1,005 U.S. employees, it was reported that 31 percent had quit jobs during their first six months of employment. When the topic of onboarding was raised, the features reported lacking included:

  • On-the-job training.
  • Review of company procedures.
  • Tours and having their equipment ready to go.
  • Being assigned a mentor.

By using these tips, you can help ensure that a new hire’s first day is the start of a seamless transition and help them feel comfortable, welcome and “at home” in their new role.

Prepare your current employees.

Let other team members know ahead of time who is coming on board and what their role will be, if it’s not already crystal clear. This is especially important if a new job has been created. Involve them in planning and implementing the onboarding program. This is a great time to select someone to mentor the new employee during their early weeks and months.

Make introductions.

Spend some time on this, as you help your new hire to make connections with their colleagues, right from the start.

  • Instead of simply introducing them by name, give a little background. You might say something like, “This is Jim. He’s a supply chain management wiz, and he’ll be working with you on the ABC Company project. He’s also a huge Giants fan, so you’ll have that in common.” In doing this, you’ve acknowledged your new employee’s strengths and made them immediately feel valuable. And, you’ve give your current employee an opportunity to establish contact and start building a relationship.

Have your new hire’s desk or work station ready.

Nothing says “We weren’t expecting you” like a bare desk, without even a pen, pencil or working phone. Be sure that all the essentials are in place. Supplies are well stocked, everything is working and online, and perhaps there is even a small welcome basket or plant on the desk.

  • A department and facility tour is a given. In addition, be sure your new hire is familiarized with the basic ins and outs of their department: how the copier works, who sits where, processes and places for taking breaks, and where the bathroom is.

Plan your new employee’s first success.

A small win early on accelerates the process of your new hire becoming acclimated and engaged. It gives them the needed confidence to excel and helps them win the respect of their colleagues.

  • As you explain company policies and philosophy, also make it a priority to discuss your new hire’s initial goals. Be sure that the two are in alignment – and ask them what they think it will take to accomplish them.

Ask for feedback.

Once the day is drawing to a close, give your new employee chance to provide you with feedback on their first day. How did everything go? Do they have any questions or concerns for the future?

  • Give your new hire an opportunity to tell you what they need for success. This also helps you to continuously improve your onboarding process.

The CPS Recruitment® team can provide additional tips, guidance and resources as you source, onboard and develop new employees. Check out our Resource Center for more valuable information!


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