5 Signs You’re Accidentally Sabotaging Your Job Search


Do your job search efforts need a shot in the arm? Perhaps whatever you’ve been doing so far just isn’t working, despite all your best efforts.

It’s nothing personal. You just need to step back and take a look at your overall strategy and approach – and make sure that you’re not shooting yourself in the foot while seeking your next great finance job.

Use these five tips to get back on course:

  1. Manage Your Job Search Schedule.
    To help ensure success, make a job search schedule – and stick to it. Allow specific times for all your search components, including resume preparation, cover letters, networking, informational interviews, and even shopping for the right clothing.
  • Be careful not to fixate on any one detail. This could be a sign of underlying issues. Procrastinating or obsessing over a single aspect of your search could point to a lack of direction, fear of rejection, or deflated enthusiasm or confidence.
  1. Make Your Search Your Priority.
    It may be tempting to put it off, but you will soon realize that it never feels like fun or like the right time to job hunt. Discipline yourself to make it your number-one priority. If you find yourself struggling with this commitment, pause and remind yourself why you’re doing it. This will recharge your energy and build your motivation.
  1. Target Your Efforts.
    Focus on researching potential employers, networking, and customizing your strategy, versus randomly applying for a large number of positions.
  • A smaller-scale, more targeted effort is a more efficient use of your time. Identify companies that you’d love to work for, and then network your way into them.
  • Don’t waste your time applying for anything and everything. For instance, online job boards tend to be flooded with candidates. This makes it very difficult for you to stand out. For starters, your resume must be custom-tailored to each job for which you apply. Otherwise, it could be automatically rejected by an applicant tracking system (ATS). Be sure to include relevant keywords.
  1. Customize Your Resume.
    Tailoring your resume to a targeted employer means studying the job description – and quickly answering an employer’s question “Why should we hire you?”
  • A recruiter or ATS will spend approximately six seconds on the initial review of your resume. Make this precious time count. Unless you make it easy for them to single you out as a leading candidate, your resume will probably go straight to the trash.
  • Showcase the best content at the top of your resume. And be sure it is formatted properly so it can be read without difficulty.
  1. Use Your Network.
    Job searching can be tough. It’s tempting to give up completely at times. Don’t take in on alone. Instead, turn to your friends, family, network and connections to support you, keep you accountable, and celebrate your wins.

An experienced recruiter can be an invaluable asset and support person as you tackle job searching and its frustrations – along with the victories. CPS Recruitment® understands the challenges you face. We can help you revamp, reenergize, and ultimately find the right fit. We have access to the best jobs in central New York and beyond, including those that are never publicly posted or advertised. Your confidentiality is ensured. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.




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