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5 Questions to NEVER Ask in an Interview


Hiring managers often close out an interview by asking candidates if they have any questions of their own. This is a great opportunity to find out more about your prospective employer and their expectations. But remember: Your interviewer has not stopped evaluating you at this point. So use your questions to finish on a strong note.

Your questions must not only be appropriate, but they also must support your case as the best candidate for the position. Think about them ahead of time and be prepared when the time comes.

Avoid asking:

  1. About anything you can quickly find online.
    Before your interview – in fact, before you even finalize your resume or write your cover letter – you should research a potential employer and learn all you can about their organization, their industry, their competition, and current news and developments that may have an impact on them.
  • For example, never be in a position where you need to ask, “What kind of company is this?” This shows that you lacked the initiative or incentive to adequately prepare for your interview. In the eyes of your interviewer, this does not bode well for how you would handle the job itself.
  1. “How much does the job pay?”
    Raising the subject of pay during your interview will give the impression that money is all you care about. The employer wants to think that you are passionate about the job – not just the salary.
  • Save pay negotiations for a later time. You’ll get a chance to raise this issue once you have an offer, but you may not get that far if you bring up money too soon. Your interview is more about selling yourself.
  1. “What benefits do you offer?”
    Like salary, asking about benefits during your interview implies that you care less about the job and more about the perks. If you don’t sincerely love your career or show passion about the job on the table, it will show.
  • Chances are, there will be numerous benefit options. But, avoid asking about them in your interview.
  1. “Do you do background checks?”
    If you ask this question, the hiring manager will immediately wonder if they have to call security on the spot. Ditto asking whether or not an employer routinely drug tests job candidates. You might as well just say goodbye and go home.

And Mistake Number 5 is: Not asking any questions at all.

The worst question of all is the one you fail to ask. Not raising any questions during your interview shows a lack of interest or comprehension. It also can make you look desperate – like someone who would take any job, under any circumstances.

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