5 Major Hiring Problems – and How to Solve Them

Major Hiring Problems

Your talent management challenges change with the needs of your business – and you have to be ready to adapt along with them.

Here are five common hiring questions that may arise, along with answers:

  1. How do you find candidates in high-demand areas?

Hiring the right person begins with looking for talent in the right places. Expand your search beyond traditional channels, while at the same time targeting sources that are the most fruitful.

  • In a recent study, 46 percent of hiring managers said that finding the best high-demand talent was a major barrier for them.
  • Only eight percent of managers said were “best in class” when it came to using employee referrals. What better place to being your candidate search than with your current best performers?
  • Only 55 percent of managers reported that they have a proactive brand strategy.
  1. What can you do if your screening process is inadequate?

Make use of the most effective screening methods. Use tools such as video interviews, which provide an optimal debriefing and review tool for members of your interview team.

  • Forty-seven percent of candidates who have participated in video interviews said they preferred this format to a telephone screen.
  1. What if you have the wrong interview team in place?

Be sure that your interview team is made up of the right people. Start with the individual who would be the new employee’s immediate supervisor, as well as the final hiring decision-maker.

  • Take a 360-degree approach. Include current employees who would be peers of the new hire, along with representatives of other departments, and direct reports if applicable.
  1. What can you do if your interview process falls short?

A negative interview experience can make or break your hiring success. Be well prepared, keep all interviewers on the same page when it comes to questions asked, and keep applicants in the loop throughout the process.

  • Eighty-three percent of candidates said a bad interview experience could change their minds about working for a company.
  • Only 19 percent were offered tours and only 12 percent had the opportunity to meet current employees during their interviews. These are two simple steps, which can be a tremendous asset as you strive to ensure cultural fit.
  1. How can you better train your managers to be good interviewers?

Most people have never had formal training in hiring. Be sure to make this a central part of your ongoing development for managers.

  • When asked how many had sat in on an interview for the purpose of assessing their managers’ ability to effectively handle the process, less than 10 percent of executives said they had done so.

The experienced team at CPS Recruitment® can help you find solutions to hiring problems as they arise – or sooner. We’ve been providing customized talent management solutions for employers in the Syracuse market and beyond for more than a quarter century. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.




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