5 Easy Tips for a Standout LinkedIn Profile

Many employers and hiring managers turn to LinkedIn to find and screen candidates. Your profile serves as an addition to your resume, often containing additional details that aren’t featured on standard application material.

Since companies are reviewing your LinkedIn profile, it’s critical it be in tip-top shape. If you haven’t polished your profile recently, here are five easy tips to help you create a standout one.

1. Remove Meaningless Descriptors

Do you refer to yourself as “dedicated,” “motivated,” or a “quick learner” on your profile? If so, you might want to remove these words and phrases if you wish to make a better impression on a hiring manager.

Typically, companies only care about traits that can be proven, and many of these descriptors are highly subjective. Instead of using these words and phrases to make yourself standout, focus on your quantifiable accomplishments and achievements. These provide the hiring manager with more value, increasing the odds that they’ll pursue you as a candidate.

2. Add Relevant Technologies

Almost every position uses some form of technology, so make sure to list any that may be relevant to your target role. This can include systems, software, or a variety of tools.

The key is to include only those that are relevant. Additionally, avoid listing technologies that are seen as a given based on your profession. For example, an experienced software developer doesn’t need to mention that they are proficient in Microsoft Office. However, an entry-level administrative professional may benefit from listing the suite of applications.

3. Rearrange Your Top Skills

In the Top Skills section, you have the ability to highlight 10 specific skills. To use this area effective, you need to select the ones you list with care.

First, make sure to list skills in areas where you truly shine. Second, make sure they represent skills you actually want to use in your next job.

The second point is surprisingly important as it decreases the odds that you’ll be pursued for a skill you don’t actually enjoy using on a regular basis.

4. Use White Space

Large blocks of text are almost always hard to read, so you want to make sure you feature a reasonable amount of white space on your LinkedIn profile. Forgo dense paragraphs for a series of shorter ones or use a bulleted list to improve readability.

5. Quantify as Much as Possible

When it comes to your profile, numbers are your friend. They visually stand out from the text and provide valuable details regarding your accomplishments and achievements.

Numbers are a great way to show the results of your efforts in a way that will connect with hiring managers. This makes it easier to assess your potential value to the organization, which can make your profile more appealing.

Typically, updating your LinkedIn profile based on the tips above can be completed fairly quickly, so it’s worth taking the time if you want to attract positive attention from hiring managers.

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