5 Classes All of Your Employees Should Take This Year

When you are working with a large staff, certain issues are almost guaranteed to arise. Whether it is risky behavior in regards to safety and security, or conflicts between workers with different backgrounds, providing sufficient training can be a key to resolving problems or preventing them outright.

While one-time sessions can build a strong foundation, annual refreshers can help drive the points home and are often easier to digest than larger courses. To help you select the right options, here are five classes all employees should take this year.

1. Cybersecurity

More companies rely on technology to handle a range of operations, and that means being open to potential attacks. Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, making annual training especially valuable to ensure all workers are apprised of the latest techniques. Businesses should provide training that explains the value of system security including points such as password creation and use, mobile device security, and common threats like phishing attempts. And, by requiring it every year, you can guarantee every employee is well-informed on the topic.

2. Workplace Safety

On-the-job injuries are costly for businesses and workers, and many could be avoided with proper training. Whether your business is office-based or an industrial environment, annual workplace safety training can ensure that all employees are informed on how to mitigate potential risks through right action and improved observational skills. Providing training can also reduce the companies liability should an incident occur, making it a financially smart move all the way around.

3. Anti-Harassment

Hostile actions on the part of employees can put the business itself at risk. Anti-harassment training provides a method for reducing liability while ensuring every worker understand what activities simply won’t be tolerated. Training should touch on a variety of topics including sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and stereotyping to be most effective, and should be provided on a yearly basis to ensure all workers are operating within the same standards.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Every industry is subject to specific regulations based on the work performed and the sector in which they operate. Compliance training ensures all employees have the required knowledge to help them complete their work while meeting the requirements of applicable laws, regulations, or industry standards. Annual training is often ideal, as it provides a mechanism for relaying the most current information based on any new rules that may have been recently enacted. It also helps to demonstrate the business is taking an active role in ensuring they are compliant.

5. Customer Service Skills

Employees that interact with customers need to be well prepared to handle a variety of situations they may encounter. Providing customer service skill training gives you the opportunity to teach workers how you expect them to respond during the course of their jobs and can provide them with the tools necessary to handle difficult situations properly. Not only is this a great way to support the needs of your staff, but it can also help with customer retention as you know everyone is treated properly at all times.

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