4 Teambuilders Your Employees Won’t Hate

Teambuilding exercises can be a great way to bring members of your staff together. But many of the standard approaches aren’t so much engaging as they are eye-roll inducing, particularly if most of your team have been through them before.

Finding ways to build a sense of camaraderie that will entice and excite employees can feel challenging. Luckily, there are a few teambuilders that can lead to enlightening conversations and fun experiences, helping them come together and function better as a group.

If you’re looking for teambuilding exercises that your employees won’t hate, give these four a try.

1. The Six-Word Story

Part exercise in creative-thinking and part icebreaker, having your workers sum up their life story in just six words can be a fun challenge.

Since the number of words they can use is highly limited, employees have to really think about what is most important to their story. Sometimes, you’ll learn some incredibly interesting tidbits, and everyone will get to learn a little more about their co-workers.

Alternatively, if you want to give your team more room to discuss their story, consider asking them to form their response as a haiku. It’s still an engaging exercise but provides them with the ability to possibly use more than six words.

2. The Story Behind Their Name

Most people have a little story explaining why they were given their name by their families. However, these tales aren’t always shared in work environments.
Asking everyone to explain where their name came from and why it was chosen can also serve as a great icebreaker. It helps introduce co-workers who don’t spend much time together to one another and also provides a glimpse into their lives.

3. Co-Worker Facts BINGO

The design of a BINGO card is incredibly versatile. One fun game you can play is “Co-Worker Fact BINGO.”

All you need to do is have every participant submit a couple of facts about themselves and use the details to create unique BINGO cards for every attendee without listing the name of the source of the information. Then, during breaks or networking sessions, encourage everyone to discover which fact belongs to which person, having the source of the detail initial the square once they are matched to a card.

Once a person completes a line or other winning combination, they can win a prize.

4. Highlight Reel

The “Highlight Reel” game can be an excellent exercise for discovering what your employees value most in their lives.

Begin by having participants close their eyes and reflect on the best moments they’ve experienced, either personally or professionally. After a few minutes pass, tell them to narrow their focus to the single 30-second moment they would love to relive the most. Then, have everyone share what they pictured and explain why they appreciate those 30 seconds.

This can provide amazing details about where a person’s passions and priorities lie, making it an ideal exercise for discovering more about your staff.

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