3 Things Every Upstate Office Needs to Attract the Best Talent

Your office environment has a surprising impact on your recruitment and retention metrics. Today, skilled professionals are benefiting from the job seekers’ market. They can look beyond basics like salary and benefits package and consider an employer’s other offerings, including the physical workspace.

If you want to stand out from the competition and establish your company as an employer of choice, having certain features is increasingly becoming essential. Here’s a look at three things every upstate office needs if they want to attract the best talent and why they matter.

1. Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Every employee needs restroom access. But, even as society shifts away from the gender binary way of thinking, many physical offices have yet to make any changes. Standard bathroom setups don’t offer options for every gender identity that may enter the workspace.

If you want to attract top talent, most of whom consider diversity and inclusion critical, add some gender-neutral facilities. Even one single-stall bathroom near the gendered facilities can do the trick, as it presents an option for those who prefer to avoid the men’s or women’s bathrooms.

It’s also important to note that, while every restroom doesn’t have to be gender-neutral, those that are should be easily accessible. Don’t ask your employees to travel to a different floor or pass by multiple gendered bathrooms to get to the one gender-neutral one, as that may be more frustrating than helpful.

2. Quiet Rooms

Many professionals experience stress at work, at least on occasion. If they are having a particularly challenging day, having a place where they can go to rest and recharge is a smart decision.

Consider adding quiet rooms to your floorplan to make sure your employees have a place of respite. Create clear guidelines that outline how and when it can be used to ensure appropriate conduct.

For example, you might want to outline whether space should only be occupied by one person at a time, whether locking the door when the inside is permitted and how long a person can use it before needing to give the space to the next employee. That way, everyone uses the room in a manner that respects the needs of others and general safety.

3. Adaptable Workspaces

Not all employees have the same requirements regarding workspace. As a result, building a degree of flexibility can be a smart decision.

For instance, you could begin with the desk areas and incorporate adjustable desks that give a person the ability to sit or stand. Designating specific spaces for detail-oriented, heads-down work can also be wise, as they allow an employee to go somewhere quiet when they need to focus and avoid interruptions.

With adaptable workspaces, employees can either adjust their work areas or head to specific spaces based on their needs. That way, they can optimize their environment, ensuring they can be productive and happy while handling their assigned tasks.

Ultimately, each of the three things above is excellent additions if you want to attract top upstate talent. If you’d like to learn more about crafting the ideal environment, the staff at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to speak with one of our team members today and see how our workspace design expertise can benefit you.

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