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3 Foolproof Sales Interview Tips


Most job seekers have a relatively solid understanding of what it takes to be successful in an interview, and sales professionals may be especially inclined due to their comfort in speaking with others. If you’re planning to interview for a sales position, you’ve likely taken some time to research the company, practiced a few well-constructed answers to common questions, and looked into the latest industry news already.

The advice given here is designed to go beyond the basic, helping you to achieve greater success by bringing something more to the table. With that in mind, here are three foolproof sales interview tips that can ensure you are at your best for your next meeting with a hiring manager.

1. Master Your Mindset

How you feel when you walk into an interview has a significant impact on how you perform. If you are plagued by feelings of doubt or a preoccupied with other worries, it’s going to show when you speak with the hiring manager.

To give yourself the best chance of success, you need to consider what being successful feels like. Then, take it a step further and jot down those impressions on paper. This process primes your mind, allowing you to step into the mind of someone who has obtained the goals you are striving to achieve.

It is also valuable to reminisce about work-related experiences where you felt powerful and in control, as this helps you to enter the mindset you experienced at that time. Before you enter the hiring managers office, review these points and embrace the feelings associated with them. You should find yourself in a better mental space during your interview, and that can assist you in making the best impression possible.

2. Don’t Just Dress to Impress

Tips for interview attire are a dime a dozen, and it generally reflects the same key points. While you obviously need to dress professionally based on the position for which you are interviewing, there is an additional consideration you need to factor in: How you feel in the clothes.

If you step into an interview wearing an outfit that makes you physically uncomfortable, such as a scratchy suit or too-tight shoes, your discomfort is going to show. Instead, choose an outfit that is comfortable and familiar, so you aren’t distracted by your attire. For added oomph, select clothing you’ve worn during a previous instance of success, as this can help you feel as successful as you hope to be and assist you in entering the right mindset before the interview.

3. The Importance of Eye Contact

Eye contact is a critical part of human interactions; it conveys comfort, confidence, and trust, which can all help you land a new sales job. While you don’t want to stare down the hiring manager, keeping strong eye contact makes a good impression and can even help you be perceived as a better candidate regardless of whether some of your qualifications fall a bit short.

If you are looking for more tips on how to achieve sales interview success or are interested in finding a new position, the skilled professionals at CPS Recruitment® are here to assist. Contact us and see how our services and expertise can help you land your next sales job today.



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