3 Benefits Healthcare Workers NEED This Year

Today, healthcare workers are in short supply. Not only does this mean that competition for top talent is fierce, but it also suggests many employers are asking more of their staff in an attempt to cover skill gaps or making up for being short-staffed.

Without the proper benefits, retaining healthcare workers is practically impossible. If you want to make sure your best and brightest stick around, here are the benefits you need to offer this year.

1. Continuing Education

In many cases, continuing education isn’t just a nicety in the healthcare field; it’s a requirement. Additional training ensures medical professionals are apprised of new developments and standards, keeping their knowledge up to date and skills relevant.

While most healthcare employers monitor their teams to make sure the requirements are met, not all of them make earning the proper continuing education credits easy. However, by choosing to take an active role, employers can help ensure everyone remains current, new skills are acquired, and experiences broadened, strengthening their workforce overall.

Plus, most skilled professionals enjoy the challenges and opportunities that come with professional development. This can make you a more attractive employer, making it easier to recruit top talent and maintain your current staff.

2. Paid Time Off

Since the healthcare field is experiencing a worker shortage, and will likely be in that situation for the foreseeable future, many employers ask their employees to shoulder additional burdens. Whether it is expanding their duties or making overtime mandatory, the extra pressure increases stress levels. Without suitable time away, burnout is almost inevitable.

Additionally, many healthcare workers can’t report to work while sick. Not only is this for the safety of their colleagues but also patients, especially since some may not have the strongest immune systems.

Paid time off, including vacation and sick leave, give your staff the ability to rest or recharge when the need arises. It ensures they can recover from illnesses without having to worry about the financial repercussions, or simply spend some time relaxing to replenish their batteries.

3. Healthcare Benefits

Often, nothing is more frustrating than working for an employer that offers a service you can’t afford. Healthcare workers who don’t have access to solid medical insurance or employer-specific benefits are in that boat, as they cost of needing treatment at their workplace may otherwise be unaffordable.

However, going beyond basic medical insurance is also a wise move, especially if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. Dental, vision, and prescription benefits are typically appreciated by workers, and could improve morale and even retention.

Ultimately, the three benefits above should be considered essential for your healthcare workers, particularly if you want to ensure they remain at their best and that retention rates improve. If you would like to find out more, the team at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us with your questions today and see how our employer benefits expertise can make achieving your goals easier than ever before.

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