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2011 New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

By Ellen Mable, CTS, CSP | Senior Staffing Manager

It is News Year’s Resolution time again. In these past couple of weeks New Year’s Resolutions have been all my co-workers, friends and family members have talked about. Even during my morning commute into work it was still a very hot topic on the radio, with touching on all the traditional resolutions; losing weight, becoming more organized, quitting smoking, etc.

However for the many job seekers in Syracuse and throughout the country I thought I would take a different spin on 2011 New Year’s Resolutions that might helpful in their current situation.

With the holidays behind us and the start of a new year, companies notoriously reevaluate their budgets and start hiring. So now is the time to re-organize your job search. Below are a few tips to take you into the New Year, and hopefully enable you to start your 2011 job search out with a bang.

Get Organized with your Job Search
It can be very overwhelming to keep track of everything for your job search. You will probably try your best to keep a list of all the positions that you have applied to, and eventually things will fall through the cracks. Try using Word, Excel or a Planner to keep everything in one easily accessible place. This will be extremely helpful in referring back to this list for thank you notes, follow up calls and overall it will keep you more organized.

Pick Up the Phone in 2011
The internet is an amazing job search tool; however it does take away from that personal touch that can be very impressive to a perspective employer. Do your research and pick up the phone whenever possible. Do this when responding to job advertisements, online postings, follow ups on resume submissions; and to follow up on an interview.

Update Your Resume
You have probably spent endless hours on your resume already but one very important thing to do with your resume is to get a second opinion. Show your resume to a colleague or friend that you trust and has industry experience. They will be able to give suggestions and advice on your resume. Although it might look great to you, having another pair of eyes take a look at it can be very helpful, and give it a fresh look for the New Year. Don’t forget to also constantly update your social networking profiles and online resumes with current and relevant information.

Sharpen Your Skill/Take a Class
If you are out of work you will have extra time on your hands. Consider using this time wisely and take a class or two to freshen up your current skill set or learn something soon. Public libraries or community centers often have inexpensive or free classes.  By expanding your skill set it will make you more marketable for job openings.

Keep busy by doing volunteer work. You will reap many benefits by volunteering. You will gain personal satisfaction by helping others, and professionally you will meet many new contacts and will be showing first hand insight of your skills and abilities. You can also add this experience to your resume. This could lead to a potential hire in the future.

Contact a Staffing Firm
Last but definitely not least, make sure you contact a staffing agency in 2011. As a recruiter for Contemporary Personnel Staffing and someone that has utilized staffing firms in my own job searches, this is a must.  Whether you have just started your job search and are unsure of what you want to do, or if you have been searching for quite some time a staffing firm is the place to go. They will be armed with expert recruiters that can give suggestion on career options that will fit your skill set and personality, as well as having the inside track on positions that are available in your community.

You can reach Ellen by calling (315) 457-2500. Best of luck reaching all of your 2011 resolutions!

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