10 Traits Strong Administrative Professionals Share

10 Traits Strong Admin Professionals Share

The best administrative professionals continuously seek ways to lend management support, increase productivity, and make improvements in whatever way necessary to benefit their company. If you are just starting out your career as an admin, here are 10 qualities you should emulate to become indispensable.


  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of basic business principles, terminology and trends and how they might impact the company. Be able to effectively contribute to workplace conversations.
  • Illustrate your flexibility and strength in thinking outside the box and creatively solving problems.
  • Become known as that person that does what he/she says she will do, and do it right the first time!


Put your best foot forward when it comes to your oral, written, and telephone skills.

  • Show that you’re a strong listener.
  • Demonstrate your finesse in screening calls, handling conflict and dealing with negativity.


Multitasking and detail orientation are critical administrative support skills.

  • Follow-up and follow-through are crucial as you organize and track events, plans and objectives.


The best administrative professionals are diplomats, continuously charged with maintaining confidentiality and handling workplace politics. You will be privy to all manners of business information – and with this comes the need to stay at arm’s length and not discuss it with anyone.

Appearance & Attitude

Your professional appearance and attitude must exude a positive image and consistently reflect well on your company.

  • Dress for success. This means sticking to a conservative, established dress code.
  • Maintain decorum and positive PR. You can’t appear rattled, even if you are. Your body language speaks volumes. The best administrative pros know to step away from their desks if necessary in order to regain their composure.


As an administrative professional, it’s your job to anticipate management needs and identify the fundamentals necessary to support them. This means interacting positively with everyone at all organizational levels, at all times.

  • Never take a “that’s not my job” stance. Rather, be adaptable as business needs evolve.
  • Show that you’re always ready to go the extra mile to get the job done, even if it means gritting your teeth and collaborating with those who are…ahem…a bit challenging at times!

Time Management

In short, know your priorities and how to change them on a dime as management and customer demands dictate.

  • The best administrative pros work from a clear desk. Have a realistic “to do” list and follow it. Work with your manager to clarify which tasks are highest on your priority list.


In your new role, you’ll deal with varied personalities and work styles, some more difficult than others. Discretion is critical, as is the ability to keep differences of opinion from escalating into arguments. Show that you can handle myriad situations calmly and help facilitate positive discussion.

Technical Prowess

Understand all business-relevant technology, equipment, systems and processes. Plan to stay up-to-date through training so that you can optimize all these tools.

  • Stay current on technology and learn programs beyond Microsoft Office
  • Know your social media. Helping to build a company’s online presence is essential as you continue to demonstrate your value.

Cost Efficiency

Last but certainly not least, the best administrative professionals have a constant eye on the bottom line. You’ll be front and center every day, and proposing cost-cutting solutions is an excellent way to make yourself indispensable.

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